Vampire VS. Death Knight

For all MMO games, every new class comes with a new expansion filled with features. Since the expansion is a big update for a game, we can have a lot to expect from it. A new class will have a large influence to the current game structure. Therefore, creating a favorable class to improve the game, without breaking the balance of what's already in place, is an essential task for a developer.

Different types of classes can attract different players. The last time when World of Warcraft added a new class was in 2008. The Death Knight came with the Wrath of the Lich King story expansion. Their wicked and vicious attacks, as well as their personal connection with their blades, seemed quite hard to resist for those players who were fond of darker characters. Up till now, this class is still a hot one in WoW.

This late June, another fantasy MMO, Eudemons Online, is going to release a new class, the Vampire. We can hardly find vampires in current MMO games, because vampires are multi-sided. You can't be sure if they’re good or evil. They come without any traits of normal human beings. They’re abandoned by the gods, but yet not quite a demon. So what will the vampire be like in Eudemons Online? Will this class be as popular as the Death Knight in WoW?

From the current information, we can see that there do exist some similarities between Death Knights and Vampires.

They are both hero classes in their games. They joined the holy war to fight against demons. But deep down, they’re always related to horror and dread. Who can ever believe they’re doing good deeds? Looking from the outside, the most noticeable and attractive feature of them both has to be their appearances. Death Knights are extremely strong, and battle in heavy armor, while vampires are famous for their slender frames and charming temperament.

As for their battle features, they share the strong points of both the Warrior and Mage, though their sharp and cruel melee attacks seem to be far more powerful than their dark magic. The best company during battles must be their mounts. Horses are the best choice for them. Their horses from hell are all cold, speedy, and mysterious.

Although this new Vampire class is akin to the Death Knight, they must differ from each other in lot of ways. Eudemons Online is mainly focused on the pet system and PvP. How is EO going to draw attention to the vampire fans all around the world? This new expansion, Edge of Night will be available on June 30th. Why not give it a shot to explore the top MMO game with vampires?

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zeal0us2753d ago

"We can hardly find vampires in current MMO games"

forsaken world have them, its publish PWE.

there was another mmo that have them also but I can't remember.