Sony provides timeline for Welcome Back Programme Activation

GM: Playstation Germany has revealed a tentative timeline by which the Welcome Back Programme will be activated and users can start redeeming their free gifts, including the free games.

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psb2727d ago

I was hoping to redeem my copy of inFamous and LBP today. Oh well. :(

captain-obvious2727d ago

sooo to download those free games i need to have a code ??

where do i get the codes from ??

oricon2727d ago

I wanna know if you can redeem Psn plus whenever you want so if i dont like anything there this month, i can just redeem the month after?

LionheartAce2727d ago

wishful thinking. You get it as soon as the package goes up.

rjdofu2727d ago

That's just too convenient.

jimmywolf2726d ago

think soon as it been offered you have 30 days too redeem it before offer expire does not matter if you sign in or not

UnbiasedGamer2726d ago

hopefully in the next 24 hour..not few days...we heard few days enough all ready...

rob60212726d ago

probably after they feel the bandwidth in use has died down to a reasonable level to handle another wave of mass downloads.

r1sh122726d ago

I tried to download infamous but it came up saying I have to pay or have a playstation plus.
They're probably figuring out some form on structure to get it out, if millions of people spam the same download. Maybe putting it on multiple servers etc....

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Karooo2727d ago

damn i wanted to play wipeout.

MonkJammas2727d ago

They've also detailed how we can redeem it, nice. Just need to wait for them to activate it now

Nate-Dog2727d ago

Wonder when the PS+ month begins, will it just be activated instantly for everyone when the welcome pack is available for us all?

cyborg2727d ago

lemme quote that part for you

"Hi, when the welcome Back pack launches, there will be a thumbnail in the Welcome Back section and you just download this as you would any other product and then you will access to the Plus section of the Store, where all the content will be."

Once you access the Welcome Back pack, you can redeem your free PS Plus month

Nate-Dog2727d ago

Ah sorry I must have glanced over that, cheers for the info.

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The story is too old to be commented.