How Metro: Last Light will rival Fallout and Rage

OXM: "Last Light handles samey post-apocalyptic themes differently."

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Rambot2756d ago

I think this game looks better than Rage.

Sunhammer2756d ago

Rage runs at 60 FPS on all platforms, so no. But Metro: Last Light will definitely be the better game. Rage looks painfully dull and boring. All graphics, no gameplay.

Rambot2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

I think because a game 'runs' at a higher frame-rate, doesn't make it the better looking game. I could have HL2 running at 120fps on my PC and it wouldn't be better looking than Metro:LL. The fact that I ignore the technicality of its graphical specification and simply regard M:LL as looking better than Rage, without realising that its frame-rate is double than M:LL is quite an achievement in itself. But that's not my point.

What I meant was it looks better artistically, the art direction's carefully considered and the developers have purposely limited the games colour palette and used shadowing efficiently to successfully depict a moody, hostile and claustrophobic environment.

Sunhammer2754d ago

@ Rambot: Frame rate isn't the only factor. I very much believe that Rage will be one of the best looking console shooters and knowing it'll be running at double the frame rate of Metro: Last Light makes it pretty hard to surpass or even match in the graphics department.

Half-Life 2 isn't going to look as good but that's because it's much older. Rage is in the now of today's highest standards running at 60 fps.

Metro: Last Light will almost certainly be the better game for me but as far as the console versions go, Rage will destroy it (visually).

PC vs PC is a discussion that's gonna have to wait, and it will most likely come down to, like you said, preference of art style.

Bigpappy2756d ago

I would say not to over hype to early. They did that last time and set expectations too high. Just let the game speak for itself. If it is that good, then show some vid's, then release a demo and the thing will sell itself. The thing is to show these games, not take them up.

BakedGoods2756d ago

Rival the thematic elements: maybe. But not the gameplay, Fallout is a much different game than RAGE or Metro.

Sunhammer2756d ago

The first Metro already looked better than Crysis, needless to say Crysis 2 as well, which looked far worse than the first.

MidnytRain2756d ago

Am I the only who who forsees this as being the next Crysis 2? What I mean by that is I can already see the hundreds of pointless comparison articles and trolls/fanboys raging at one another over the minute differences between the platform versions.

Christopher2756d ago

Nowhere in this article did Huw Beynon say anything about rivaling other games. All he did was talk about how their post-apocalyptic game world is different than the typical Western view of it considering their geography and history.

Horrible journalism shines through in the title.

MidnytRain2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

This is what I was thinking. I was about to type that, but you came to the rescue. God forbid I have to type out my thoughts thoroughly.

"Glance at a screenshot for Bethesda's Fallout 3, and you'd be hard-pressed to tell its particular brand of singed sepia from the blackened browns of id Software's Rage"

I think anyone who is a fan of Fallout 3/New Vegas and has followed Rage closely could easily tell the difference between the two.

Christopher2756d ago

Yeah, I don't get that statement at all. Fallout, Rage, Borderlands, and Metro 2033 and screenshots all lined up and I'd almost instantly pick out one from the other. They really are that different. Heck, even the gameplay between them is more than different enough (especially fallout and borderlands).

yamzilla2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

metro2033 in dx11 1920x1080p sh!ts all over rage

The only game that comes close, and in some instances beats it visually is The Witcher 2

next Crysis 1 and warhead with realism mods
then maybe Arma 2-pc (but only in certain spots, the game, sadly, is kind of still a mess)
Stalker CoP dx11-pc
Stalker Clear Sky dx10.1-pc
Dirt 2 DX11-pc
Alien Vs. Predator DX11-pc
BFBC2 DX11-pc
Battleforge DX11-pc
Total War Shogun 2 DX11-pc
Anno 1404 dx10-pc
Far Cry 2 DX10-pc
Shattered Horizon DX10-pc
x3 terran-pc
World in Conflic DX10-pc
Cryostasis DX10-pc

thats about the stacking of best graphics in any game out right now