The Road to E3 - When too many RPGs are still not enough

Sometimes when it rains it pours. E3 is not even upon us and already some genre of games are feeling overwhelmed. Take for instance the humble role playing game. Time was, only a few years ago that developers were struggling on how to convert the pen and paper and primarily point and click scenario over to consoles in a fashion that did not completely dumb down the core mechanics of what made both the game play and story so great. Now, with controllers support on the PC and twin stick shooters over on the arcades the games cannot come fast enough.

Role playing games generally though are very involved. Story and Character driven with high levels of customisation, either one starts to look exactly the same as the next, or you can't get enough of them.
Role playing more so than other genres belie an addiction; to both loot drops and levelling up so is it any wonder that within weeks of each other Role Playing aficionados are getting more than they could hope for with the release o...

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