5 Peripherals for the PS4 we’d love to see

So with E3 almost upon us and Nintendo showing off Café and Sony pushing NGP (Vita?) details, plus whatever Microsoft might show in terms of hardware (more Kinect or something else?), we thought about what 5 peripheral devices we’d love to see for the PS4 when it eventually comes out:

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PS3Blog2749d ago

I still think that the PS4 is about 4-5 years away. But these are great either way.

MarioAna2749d ago

Yeah i'm guessing the PS4 can't be less than 2 years away, so that should give Sony time to get us these goodies.

fluffydelusions2749d ago

4-5 years?? 2 years at best like the above poster said is more likely.

midgard2272749d ago

i hope they keep the same controller layout. its perfect the way it is

Kee2749d ago

Yes, the one in the picture looks cool but it'd be really uncomfortable if that picture is what it would be shaped like.

iamnsuperman2749d ago

Nice list. I do not agree with the removal sixaxis. Works well in Killzone. The PS EYE does need an upgrade. The quality of the video does need improving.

MarioAna2749d ago

Have you tried KZ3 with the Sharpshooter?

iamnsuperman2749d ago

I soo want to buy it but I can't afford it right now. I know it is like £30 but I can't afford it until I net get paid but I can't wait. Apparently it is the best way

MarioAna2749d ago

@iamnsuperman; yeah you must get the Sharpshooter as it's an excellent piece of kit. And it's done very well in KZ3. Also, KZ3 is one of the better 3D experiences i've had. So if you don't mind looking like a madman in your TV room with the glowing Move orb on a plastic gun with funny glasses on your face then i can recommend it LOL.

TBM2749d ago

Hey mario question about the setup for the sharpshooter.

I recently bought but haven't used it yet. What's the best optimal setup for it so ill have the best possible enjoyment while playing?

Master_S2749d ago

in 2013-2014 PS3 is in sale.

SheenuTheLegend2749d ago

Is PS Home Down?
It IS giving me a error PS Home is Closed for Maintenance

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The story is too old to be commented.