Killzone 3 From The Ashes DLC Trophy List

From the Ashes, the long awaited DLC for the blockbuster game Killzone 3 brings you four new maps along with 13 brand new trophies for your delectation. The additional maps include Radec Academy, Tharsis Depot, Mobile Factory and Missile Base and the trophies seem very manageable for the average skilled Killzone 3 player. The content, which is expected to be priced at $4.99 and contains 12 new trophies to earn.

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Dart892750d ago

$5 for 4 maps sign me up.

Storm232750d ago

2 new maps + 2 of my favorites from Killzone 2. Radec Academy and Tharsis Depot! I hope they have been changed like they did to Blood Gracht and Salamun Market for Killzone 3.

Can't wait to play them.

Hoje03082750d ago

Hell yeah! Tharsis and Radec are my two favorite maps. Will be great to have them back.

Thoreau2750d ago

gg needs to fix that horrid lobby system first.

videoxgamexfanboy2750d ago

i havent played KZ3 much lately. last time i played it was a ghost town. has the community returned?

HOSe2750d ago

i got rid of my copy. game just seemed pointless to play once you maxed out your characters. I would just run around being a medic, die, revive, and hope to kill the guy who thought i was dead.

very rushed, somewhat shallow game.

DarkFantasy2750d ago

it was a horribly boring game it's only strength was graphics the classes were cheap and some what stupid,invisible campers FTL...over hyped garbage of a game repetitive and snoring good idea but too much spent time on graphics not enough on the actuall games GG has soo much potential i hope they take a break from KZ and do a new ip.

-Alpha2750d ago

They fixed the map rotation problem, right?

-Alpha2750d ago

Sweet, I've been meaning to play some Killzone, maybe I'll jump back in

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