Top 10 Video Game Weapons

What is more important to a hero than his weapon? Princess’s get kidnapped, friends become enemies, and father’s die to fuel revenge. But your weapon will never leave you. Today, Game Breakers give you their Top Ten Weapons of all time.

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Pintheshadows2751d ago

I always enjoyed the stake gun in Painkiller, The Zero Point Energy Manipulator in HL2 and the rocket spammer from Quake 3.

Nes_Daze2751d ago

I knew blades of chaos would be somewhere on that list, wise choice.

Dan502751d ago

Why no Cerebral Bore or BFG?

GOODKyle2751d ago

People, this list isn't comprehensive. It's just an opinion based factoid of an article. It's not meant to discourage your own opinion.

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