PayPal on PSN “certainly possible” — Sony

TVGB: Today sees the (not-so) glorious return of the PlayStation Store to the PSN, but comments on the PlayStation Blog‘s announcement article suggest more may be on the way.

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Kee2724d ago

That'd actually be even better to improve security. Without having to even do anything.

dazreah2724d ago

I hope so Paypal are a lot better at sorting out fraud and refunds over desputes than most banks are.

Dark_Overlord2724d ago

From my own experiences Paypal are f***ing useless when it comes to fraud.

Don't believe me? Buy something off EBAY using Paypal, now wait till the item is despatched then contact Paypal and say some crap like unauthorised use of card/hacked account etc (regardless of the fact that it is being sent to your home address) and BAM! Paypal snatch the money back off the seller and give it back to the buyer.

Its complete bullsh*t, I've had numerous people do it to me and others I know, and Paypal protects them. >:( go check a few websites like to see the true extent of the crap they pull

gta28002724d ago

Not too sure about this but I'm assuming Paypal AKA Ebay would be getting a cut out of every transaction made right? If that's the case I don't see why they would have a middle man in their transactions, might as well invest all that money into even more security. If that isn't the case then I wouldn't mind paypal at all. I use it on steam, ebay and many other sites.

dazreah2724d ago (Edited 2724d ago )

When you pay with a credit/debit card on psn there is also a middle man, which would be the banks(card providers) transaction provider. Its not all done by Sony.This is pretty much the same thing. Also i don't think paypal take a cut off this sort of thing.

bozebo2724d ago (Edited 2724d ago )


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The story is too old to be commented.