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Here, then, we've tried to round up those films with a shot of a cinematic release, even appreciating that many of the films we're about to discuss are bogged down in development. Heck, only one of them is confirmed, and the rest? Well, most will happen one day, but they're certainly taking their time

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scotchmouth2726d ago

I wouldn't pay to see any of these. Being immersed in a game and exploring and experiencing everything at your own pace is what makes games great. The choices we make often times affects the outcome. Movies can't capture that.

creamsoda2726d ago

Great! Hollywood ruining more video game gems.

No_Pantaloons2726d ago

It flat out admits that some are no longer in production while others haven't have any news for several years. Anything for hits a I guess.

"27 videogames that at some point were considered being turned into films" - much more accurate

SageHonor2726d ago

Wow.... Hollywood is sooooooooooo gonna screw this up

Sugreev20012726d ago

List should be renamed - "27 Video games Currently Being Ruined By Hollywood".

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