PSX Extreme - Tales of Xillia Preview

PSX Extreme - No, we have no idea if Tales of Xillia will ever arrive in North America. But you know what? We figure if we start covering the crap out of the JRPGs we want, Namco Bandai will take notice and do the right thing; there are still plenty of role-playing fans in this country, you know! Anyway, the latest in the esteemed Tales franchise has been revealed and detailed, and will launch in September in Japan.

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Son_Lee2754d ago

I pray this game comes out in America. Need more JRPGs on the PS3.

Zanarkand2754d ago

Well Tales being ever so popular among the fanbase in the west and this one as a PS3 exclusive it is bound to get a release here hopefully.

Valvatorez2754d ago

Yep,thats what half the fans in the west taught about TOV but that didn't seem to make Namco release it.They don't think we deserve it-simple as that! Like I've said before,they will give us TOGf and ignore us with Xillia.

Kira832754d ago

@Vlavatorez i disagree, with the recent annoucments of GracesF and Abyse3D we could be seeing a resurgance of tales games in the west. I am confident this will come out....eventually.

Gregard2754d ago

Well, TOV is a special case. They did localize it on Xbox so its not like the game never came here. As for the PS3 version of the game, from what i read, it seems they had an exclusivity deal with MS, so I guess things are not that simple.

-Mezzo-2754d ago

I wish this would come out in USA, just so i don't have to pay twice as much to get it.

Valvatorez2754d ago

I keep forgetting about Abyss3ds.
I'll try to keep what little fate I have in Namco for Xillia in the west.Sorry for taking long to read your comment-I was stuck in mortal combat with a spider on my ceiling.Problem solved though and its prinny hell for that bug.

Redempteur2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

"We figure if we start covering the crap out of the JRPGs we want, Namco Bandai will take notice and do the right thing"

well the thing with namco bandai is that they don't ..they think all you want from japan is MORE DRAGON BALL GAMES

stupid i know , xillia seems awesome so far by the way

"So yeah, the female is the magic user. Big surprise, huh?"
what's new is she is a magic swordman type user .. she is in the same class as kratos , ashe,flynn,ect .... We had swordwomen before but not like this ..
What's more we finally have a competent monk !! ( as a hero )
We had plenty of monks already ( farah from eternia for exemple ) but never as a main character ( no senel doesn't count since he isn't competent by any means ) .

in short , i'm happy