PSN and Playstation Store giving errors aplenty this morning

Tom at El33tonline writes:

"If there’s no pressing need for you to log into PSN and browse the recently reopened Playstation Store this morning, then you’d best avoid it until some kinks have been ironed out."

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yewles12365d ago

Yeah, I think they should've delayed it a day, just to work out these kinks.

OliverKO2365d ago

Agreed - I don't think a single day would have made an enormous difference (unless the schedule of Sony and its partners ahead of E3 next week is too crazy and it had to go up today).

IRetrouk2365d ago

keep going back and then selecting whatever option you want, i have already downloaded everything that is free for plus, its to be expected, especialy with the amount of trafic thats going through the servers.

MaxXAttaxX2365d ago

Servers are pretty busy.

disturbing_flame2365d ago

It can also be the result of a strong affluence that make the servers very busy. Everyone want to access to the platform at the same time, it will need few hours to have a more fluid traffic on the PSS and then make the servers less busy.

Anyway i already purchased some of the games i want, no problem, it works and it was quite fast here in Europe.

MinusTheBear2365d ago (Edited 2365d ago )

Works mostly fine to me, errors are the effect of extremely heavy traffic.

LukaX232365d ago

I don't give FACK! I'm DLing the inFamous 2 demo right now and I'm going crazzzyyyyy waiting for it.

coryok2365d ago

this happens with every server that gets strain, these "kinks" arent very fixable unless theyre long term problems, which these most likely wont be.

its like intermittent power outages, if consumers want more energy than an energy company can produce people loose power; like energy hubs, server farms are constantly updated to stay ahead of demand, but theres always going to be a point where theres just too much demand to satisfy - in summer energy consumption is high, at launch the ps store consumption is high. power consumption will die down just as ps store usage will

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Optical_Matrix2365d ago

Yeah I can't get in. As I've said elsewhere, as long as I can access the store properly by the time SSFIV:Arcade Edition hits next tuesday, I'm happy.

Baba19062365d ago

even though it has the errors you can still download stuff you just need to be patient.

godslayer4292365d ago

popular store is popular lol

claterz2365d ago

Managed to get onto the store after 4 attempts. That's the easy part over, because now I have to wait 8-10 hours until I can play the Infamous 2 demo lol. Yes my connection SUCKS.

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