6 Years Later: Did Nintendo Keep its Promises With the Wii?

OC Weekly: Believe it or not, but it was six years ago when Nintendo unveiled the very first details of the Nintendo Wii. Known only by its code name at the time, the "Revolution," Nintendo showcased a lot of promise for the system that would eventually change the entire landscape of the video gaming world.

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DarkCharizard_2575d ago

"It will start a gaming revolution"


Shok2574d ago

Anyone care to explain these stealth disagrees? Lol.

Nes_Daze2574d ago

I will actually, I disagreed with him because even though I do think Nintendo changed gaming in a way, I don't think it was a "revolution". They put out a casual gaming device and marketed it to the easiest audience in gaming, and they profited...more like a very good move on their part. But revolution? Nah, motion sensing has been around before the Wii, other companies just found out it was worth taking another swing at the casual audience.

Knushwood Butt2574d ago

I think it is fair to say they started a hardware revolution.

However, software? No way. Not even close. They completely blew their chance in that regard.

I was excited for the 'Revolution' at first. That excitement disappeared faster than you can say, 'Wii'.

dubal-e2575d ago

Nintendo leads and everyone follows. I remember like yesterday Sony and Microsoft saying there was no room in the industry for the type of games Nintendo targeted with Wii. Now they're trying super hard to win those gamers from Nintendo.

Shok2575d ago

Yes, they did. They promised a Revolution and we got one. They changed the way we play games and the others followed. The Wii had TONS of flaws, but it's one of those cases of a flawed masterpiece.

jacksonmichael2574d ago

Well yeah, but more specifically, they promised an add on that allowed you to play DVDs and they promised the Vitality Sensor. Beyond that, though, yeah, they kept their promises. Lol.

Shok2574d ago

Lol, true that, true that.

AEtherbane2574d ago

Well, Netflix kind of covers that DVD thing...

stragomccloud2574d ago

Don't know why so many people are denying it. The fact is, because the new control scheme, which is now being imitated by competitors, the Wii has reached audiences that have never touched a game system before in their life. That's a simple fact. The Wii was a revolution because it reached audiences never thought possible in the gaming industry.

Venox20082575d ago

yes.. sure there are tons of showelware but there are many great games too.. I like my Wii very much :)

Titanz2575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

And complemented them(and myself) with a wonderful assortment of software titles.

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The story is too old to be commented.