I Beat Quantum Theory: A Cult Gamer Horror Story

TitanReviews Writes: My continuing quest to bring your attention to solid, unpopular titles hits a serious snag. But I lived to tell the tale.

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e-p-ayeaH2726d ago

Another article bashing Quantium Theory why im not surprised.

SilentNegotiator2726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

Because it's a crappy game, that's why you're not surprised.

If they did that, they'd all be talking about the exact same games all of the time. Let a semi-crappy game get picked on for once. We can get back to bagging on Superman 64 or Naughty Bear or whatever the heck some other time.

e-p-ayeaH2726d ago

There´s alot worse games that article writers can talk about.

jetlian2726d ago

not that bad. Infact I just got it a few days ago for 12 bucks new. Its smoother than gears 1/2! Its graphics are nowhere near gears though.

I'm beginning to think the industry is against japanese games this time. All I could fault the game is on it not bringing nothing to the table.

And plenty of western games do the same thing

Jack-H2726d ago Show
Hockeydud192726d ago

Should you be surprised? It's terrible.

ironcreed2726d ago

I beat Vampire Rain and lived to tell the tale. It could be worse, lol.

Hockeydud192726d ago

Oh boy. I remember that demo. Sheesh lol

GrandTheftZamboni2726d ago

It's not as bad as reviewers make it. 7 in my opinion. Played it longer than some games that scored 9s.

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