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Unannounced Bethesda game being revealed soon?

SystemLink: "I'm pretty much assuming that only one Bethesda title dominates your horizon for the time-being; Skyrim. It's big, bold, brash, brooding, bloody, brilliant, and slightly belated (We've been waiting 5 years for a new Elder Scrolls). However, this narrow-mindedness may all change very soon." (Bethesda Game Studios, Bethesda Softworks, E3, Industry, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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rabidpancakeburglar  +   1585d ago
Well now I'm excited. I'll never get to sleep tonight. Think of other people before submitting articles like this.
Emilio_Estevez  +   1585d ago
Hope it's a new IP, Fallout needs a break and Skyrim is on the way.
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shiner  +   1585d ago
It's not that Fallout needs a break. It's just that New Vegas should never have happened. Next year would've been a perfect time for a new Fallout game, but with NV out recently it seems too soon.

I don't think this is about Fallout though.
mistajeff  +   1585d ago
I don't think New Vegas should've not happened, I think they should've given Obsidian 3-4 years with a new engine instead of 15 months with an old, rusty one. I love New Vegas, but like most Obsidian projects, their ambition didn't have enough resources to breathe.
Agent_S  +   1585d ago
lastdual  +   1585d ago
The tweet in question is likely referring to a new game being *published* by Bethesda, not developed by Todd's team.

For instance, Bethesda acquired Arkane Studios (makers of Arx Fatalis) a while back, and have yet to announce what they've been working on. Could be something like that...
Agent_S  +   1585d ago
After Wet, Rogue Warrior, and most recently Brink. Im a little cautious when it comes to Bethesda published games. That being said I think Prey 2 and Rage are shaping up to be stellar games.
trainsinrdr  +   1585d ago
the only bethesda games worth getting ssequels are the elder scrolls and fallout series all their other ip's suck
TheLastGuardian2010  +   1585d ago
Easy there chief, them there is some fightin' words.
HighJump31  +   1585d ago
Fallout 4 on the new Skyrim engine? Yeah...I'd accept that.
ATiElite  +   1585d ago
Fallout 4 on the Frostbite 2.0 or X-Ray 2.0 or A4 2.0 or CrysEngine 3 or Source 2.0 or Id Tech 5 Engine. Yeah.......I'd accept that.
Monolith  +   1585d ago
Excellent NOW GIVE ME FALLOUT 4!!! Still play Fallout 3, so much fun to be had. All I want is the level cap to be extended to 100 or something. Why cant I be they all mighty all powerful of the Capital Wasteland.
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   1585d ago
Fall Out 4 is possible, but a brand new series is even better dear god the anticipation is killing me.

They need to make a showing at E3 now. If you love you're fans its mandatory you make a presence.
Tommykrem  +   1585d ago
Elder Scrolls V!
Oh, sorry... old reflex.
R_aVe_N  +   1585d ago
I would take a new Fallout game for sure. They can keep all that other trash they are putting out. Bethesda is just one of those company's that can be very hit and miss with me. I am not a huge fan of the elder scrolls series. I would not even pay attention to them at all if they didn't have ID under their wing.
SixShotCop  +   1585d ago
Fallout 4 would make me a happy man.
yog-sothot  +   1585d ago
Maybe they could do something like modernizing another classic RPG series as they did with Fallout 3. Arcanum for example.
T-K47x  +   1585d ago
If Fallout 4 was announced I think I would die of happiness (Sad I know)
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lochdoun  +   1585d ago
Oh come on, they're NOT gonna announce Fallout 4.
We have about 6 or 7 DLC expansions for Skyrim to go before we ever get to that point.
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thedarkvault  +   1585d ago
I hope it's Fallout 4. I don't think they bought the Fallout IP just to make 1 game and hand off a "side game" to another dev. I'm hoping for a fresh FO4 that really looks and acts like a new title (even better than skyrim).
5119ent  +   1585d ago
Same guys from brink right ?
TheLastGuardian2010  +   1585d ago
err no. The developers who MADE the game was Splash Damage. Bethesda is only the publisher, or the distributer in other words.
SweatyFlorida  +   1585d ago
I hope its a new ip, I'd rather play fallout 4 on next gen consoles ;D (xbox1080/PS4) If it is a new ip, then I wonder if their gonna take the same RPG route? If they do I hope its about something in the future(flying cars whatnot), kinda tired of the post-apocalyptic/Medieval era :/
Antholex  +   1585d ago
I'm hoping for a new IP. It's always nice to see something new from a developer/publisher, rather than an a yearly release of a title or a sequel/threequel/fourquel (is fourquel even a word?!)
Faztkiller  +   1585d ago
I hope its a new fallout for NGP and consoles also hope they port skyrim to NGP
renegade  +   1585d ago
Fallout 4 or a new IP; i really hope is a new ip
itsthatguy  +   1585d ago
Fallout is great an all but a new IP would be sweet from bethesda!
plrbear1028  +   1585d ago
i wouldn't whack off till fallout 4 came out, if it were to happen. so amazing. maybe another ip, maybe since everyone did mafia games, western games, modern day games, end of the world type of games.. maybe pirate games are on the horizon, like a new ip of pirates or even with the whole hype around rockstar and do a pirate game
MasterD919  +   1585d ago
Seems that its possible its Fallout 4. Todd Howard said "10 years is a little too long to wait for a new fallout game". Released in October 2008...Thats 3 years, 4 if it comes out next year. Doesn't mean they weren't already working on FO4 when NV came out. However, I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't announced this year. Bethesda is always working on games- new and old.
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gilbbbe  +   1585d ago
Don't get your hopes up too much guys, bethesda not only produce games, but publish them. This may be a fact sheet for another company's game. And I would think that if it was infact fallout 1) They would save it until E3 to announce it, not twitter it, and 2) They would release it at the very end of 2012 or maybe later, they're is no point in releasing to games so close together.

But I wouldn't be at all surprised if the did infact announce it in E3!

I'm really sorry not to share such high hopes, but you might be heading for serious disappointment :\ (Please don't hate me too much)

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