PlayStation Network Still Not Secure, Says Ex-Hacker

Recognized as one of the top computer hackers in the world today, Gregory Evans is warning gamers that they’re not safe when playing video games on PlayStation Network. The author of eight books on computer security and identity theft, Evans spent two years in federal prison and paid $10 million for hacking into major companies like AT&T, MCI and Worldcom. He’s been hacking since the 10th grade, but now he works on the right side of the law.

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Fishy Fingers2546d ago

Just an interesting quote I'll post before the warfare begins..

"And it’s not just Sony gamers that are at risk. It’s anyone who has any online gaming console like Xbox or Wii. Nothing’s 100 percent secure."

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dragonelite2546d ago

Every thing can be yes but is it worth the effort for a hacker. lets i would want to get 20 million email accounts what will i do will i try to hack for lets say facebook takes me a week or would i hack a couple of smaller social networks and be done within a 20 hours.

Time is money emails are worth some moneys you know the spam mail you thought wtf how did i get that. It's probably because someone got your email from a database and sold it again.

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Hozi892546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

@Snork. A few words of advice if I may...but
Put not your faith in rulers, or in the son of man, in whom there is no salvation. yes it's scripture but doesn't take a wise man to see that those words are the truth. SONY cool and all but in no way should someone, especially an average gamer act as if SONY is their master. remember, it's just advice.

ZombieNinjaPanda2546d ago

Snork, either you're an idiot, or a troll. I pray it's the latter.

Bull5hifT2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

I bet that as soon as microsoft makes fun of sony at E3 for having the psn outtage, hackers are going to make it there buisness to Rape the 360 , id like a BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH followed by a laugh and then the 3 rings of death... It would be epic

Legion2546d ago

1 bubble calling others trolls. Funny. Obviously if he looked at the makeup of N4G he would see that the majority of users are now Sony fans versus any other console.

Tr10wn2546d ago

N4G is a Sony mecca so WTF are you talking about?? 85% of the users on this site are Sony fanboys, but still you made a good questing, if Sony have so many exclusives, WHY n4g is full of PS3 fanboys? those exclusive are mediocre, boring or short? answers?

death2smoochie2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )


Hmmm...Joined recently....

Hmmm...English not Engrish...

Sony fanboy EXTREME...

Seems REAL KILLER has an alternate account :P

I_find_it_funny2546d ago

he sounds like he's advertising his company

Kurt Russell2546d ago


bwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahaahhaha...HAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA... HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA.

Thanks mate, that was priceless.

Active Reload2546d ago

Everyone knows any network can be hacked. You don't need to quote something that's well known and then point out that it's interesting. What is interesting is the fact you try to distract from what's really going on, and that's PSN being hacked to hell.

Anarki2546d ago

In recent news; shit was found in the woods... police have linked it to a bear.

Krimson-Rage2546d ago

If that's a "fact", why is your sneering, pompous and clearly trolling remark still not flagged as such?

DragonKnight2546d ago

See, now this guy right here can bring a good name to hackers. After seeing what being on the wrong side of the law his hacking brought him, he decided to change his life and comes out to try and inform and help people. If more hackers were like this guy here, people wouldn't be labeling and stereotyping all hackers as deviants and crooks.

Everything can be hacked, and the hackers that do so are criminals. But if you're part of the hacker community and you're just going to sit there and let them do these kinds of things, and not try to help prevent such problems or speak out against such individuals, you are also a part of the problem.

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Domer252546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

My toaster oven is about the only thing with a lcd-screen in my house that IS no surprise here..

Commander_TK2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

Your toaster oven has an LCD-screen?! Would love to have that.

sikbeta2546d ago

Still have a walkman here, definitely hack-proof... I hope :P

SilentNegotiator2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

Hacking now....
Prepare for some really hot Hot Pockets. You might even burn the roof of your mouth!

So nothing is hack proof. Thanks for the old info. Turn that into a story, base it around something Sony related, get a thousand degrees on N4G.

Oh and this guy is SUUUUCH an expert! He got caught when he still lived with mommy and daddy and then caught again a few years later. Now he owns some companies and asserts that he's an expert, claiming that people who actually went out and got degrees don't know as much as him.

An equally insane claim analogy:
I build fireworks in my backyard. Pyrotechnicians don't know as much as me because they work in a controlled environment.

RandomDude6552546d ago

You haven't put otherOS on your toaster....what a

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MasterCornholio2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

I keep telling people that no online network is secure. But they just dont listen. They somehow believe that if they pay for a service it will be unhackable when the truth is that World Of Warcraft gets hacked all the time. I play the game and theres an amazing number of bots, farmers and spammers that it amazes me.

Hozi892546d ago

People might start to think I got all religious but honestly. When one lives in obedience to God, nothing of evil wrongs can come close to you.

although I realize that no one is perfect and to live for God (in total obedience) would require great self sacrifice and probably mean giving up hardcore gaming as it's certainly not godly to kill whether it be in real life or simulation.

nanometric2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

How can you kill that which has no life?

mastiffchild2546d ago

Ha! Butters brings down religion. Go on oyoung Stotch.

M-Easy2546d ago

This is why i hate "industrygamers" he clearly states nothing is secure but they focus on starting a flame war. REMEMBER if you are also sick of sites like these:

Click UNDER "read full story" where is says "" ; then click WTF for story quality and NO for do you like this website.

BTW shame on whoever approved this.

aGameDeveloper2546d ago

Another "interesting" quote:

"Even if these guys [IT managers] have a Master’s Degree or PhD from a school like MIT, that doesn’t make them a true security expert."

With the rest of what he said in the interview, one can deduct:

kid who calls himself a hacker >> IT manager with a degree from MIT focussed on network security...

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pain777pas2546d ago

Fishy has summed up pretty much what the short but informative interview was all about. No network is safe with people who study hacking. Hackers have to stop hackers plain and simple but tough to get the cooperation of a hacker like the interviewer who got caught and did time.

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frostypants2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

It bares repeating: "No. And it’s not just Sony gamers that are at risk. It’s anyone who has any online gaming console like Xbox or Wii. Nothing’s 100 percent secure."

Whoever submitted this article is a misleading troll, but in fairness so is the actual headline. It's not that Sony's network isn't more secure than it was before, it's that NOTHING IS HACK PROOF.

T3MPL3TON 2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

Frosty: Sony's network isn't more secure.. that's what you aren't getting. IT. IS. NOT. MORE. SECURE.
Just because Sony, says it is doesn't mean it is. I'll give it about a week after it goes back up 100% it'll be taken down again.

People keep harping on the fact that nothing is safe and want to use the old misdirect and imply that it'll happen with XBL as well. It wont, because Microsoft isn't so foolish as to hire script kiddies who went to collage they hire actual hackers to provide anti hacker security. This is why the one and only time someone took down XBL it was back up in a day. It wasn't a week. It wasn't months. In all truth is was a few hours. This wouldn't have happened if Sony used their collective brains and hired the people who were jail-breaking their product. Those people should have been hired first then people who actually have a hacking background not a bunch of collage grads who've never hacked anything.

Vherostar2546d ago

Exactly whoever posted this article picked that bit at the top to start a flame war. Terrible..

Hagaf222546d ago

I'm still confused as to how his comparison of IT managers to Infantry and hackers are SEALs is video game terms. Call me crazy but those are military terms.

bozebo2546d ago

Yeah thats what I've been saying all along. Anyone with a modicum of security knowledge knows that it's highly unlikely that any large organisation's systems are secure from remote attacks, and they are definately not secure from targeted attacks (like their employees' phones being hacked to get into the network). The most secure networks in the world are the home networks of people who work in the infosec industry and in the homes of hackers/nerds/etc.

Treyb3yond2546d ago

Only xbots think they are safe from hackers.

the_best_player2546d ago

@PlayStation Network Still Not Secure
Ok Dog

harrisk9542546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

"big corporations get hacked every single day. Only 17 percent of companies whose computers were hacked report them to law enforcement due to fear of negative publicity. Ninety percent of Fortune 500 networks have been hacked... it’s not just Sony gamers that are at risk. It’s anyone who has any online gaming console like Xbox or Wii. Nothing’s 100 percent secure."

It could have just as easily been MS getting hit.

Wardog13682546d ago

This article is very one sided in that I read an article published by the ACM saying companies were relying too much on former hackers to protect their networks. He used this analogy: "It is dumb to think that the ability to break into a car is somehow an indicator that they know how to build one."

I just think it's interesting as it's completely opposite of what this article is saying. And I'd trust the ACM more than this as it is their industry. But I'm sure both cases exist in different companies.

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rabidpancakeburglar2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

How would this guy actually know. Has he actually seen what sony have been doing in the background? No, Sony employees and security firms helping them have.

Fishy Fingers2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

He focussing on Sony because thats who he's being asked about. It's actually a good interview (a little short) which helps show this sort of thing can happen to anyone and anytime. He's not some novice.

Edit: Reports will probably stop this getting through anyway. Legitimate interview or not.

donniebaseball2546d ago

Seriously people, what's up with these reports? This is a brand-new interview by a top freelancer in games journalism with a hacker who was world renowned. Sheesh...

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mandf2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )


The reports are for the hacker who acts like a expert on Sony when he hides his own name. Anyone can claim anything when you can't verify who it is and verify the legitimacy of any claim. How many articles have we seen were websites just make of stuff for web hits.

Edit By the way, the Ps3 didn't get hacked. The key was stolen from a Sony repair center. For 4 years it was untouched. Anyone can get into any house if they have the key. The Psn was hacked over the internet 2 very different things. This guy has no clue unless he actually hacked the system himself or worked with Sony. Which is it? Not every system for hacking is the same. He maybe an expert but he and others tried for 4 years and came away with nothing. Common sense.

Fishy Fingers2546d ago

"when he hides his own name"

First line.... "Gregory Evans"

Didnt have to be a hacker to figure that one out.

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mandf2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

For fishy and nitwit

I read the article. Either the guy has or hasn't worked with the ps3. In either case neither were made clear. The ps3 was unhacked for 4 years with everyone trying to hack it with no success. Hackers of all types of skill sets. It's easy to claim anything when you had no part of it and act like you know everything about it. Sony didn't hire him so that leaves he was part of the hacking to have any knowledge about the hack.

testerg352546d ago

mandf, I'm not sure why you're talking about the PS3 being hacked. I thought the whole article is about the Sony sites being hacked.

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nycredude2546d ago

Dude got caught. Nuff said.

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InFAMOUS12546d ago

To be perfectly fair, he knows because it is what he does. It has been said time and time and time AND time again.... No source code is ever 100% secure.. The only reason why Sony was hacked was because they had a target on their back.. The hacker used the Anon DDoS attacks as cover to carry out the attack..

The Pentagon, Microsoft, IBM, banks and on and on have ALL been hacked... Sony and EVERY OTHER company will never be 100% safe from hackers.... PERIOD...

Tainted Gene2546d ago

it says from the article

that only 17% of companyies actually report being hacked.


Roughly 90% of the Fortune 500 companies have also been hacked.

In short: Sony is clearly not alone in this, they are just the ones in the spotlight. (Anon, GeoHot, Failoverflow, leaked keys, etc)

Eu2546d ago

Yes to you both....and people focus on SONY because they want to HATE it to hell....Its true that it would happen also to MS and Nintendo if they were hacked....stupidity at its best.

kneon2546d ago

He's making a general statement that no network is 100% secure, which is true, but the flamebait title makes it sound like it's only Sony.

DrFUD2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

Typical hacker mentality.
He says hire hackers because they're smarter than everyone else basically.
I'm sure the guy who's studied networking his entire life and knows his shit inside and out, upside down and sideways really respects this guy too...not.

Fishy Fingers2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

Why must you downplay him? You realise he is an expert and was at one time, considered one of, if not the best hacker, he does know what he's talking about. His living is online security.

Regarding hackers, dont you think Sony (or any other company) paid a lot of money for these experts to set up the protection/networking systems in the first place? And these large, no doubt expensive companies work is beaten by a 'few dudes in their mums basement' as many like to see it.

Hackers are finding ways through pretty much every system, every form of online protection, so surely, their knowledge, their input would be invaluable.

radphil2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

"Typical hacker mentality.

I'm sure the guy who's studied networking his entire life and knows his shit inside and out, upside down and sideways really respects this guy too...not."

Um....what....what am I looking at here?

It's true with what he says, no network is 100% secure.

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theaceh2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

To me, what the expert is referring to is something that can be found on many Security books and its that Hackers/Crackers think Evil, IT managers do not think Evil, because they occupy most of their time building solutions and services. This 'Evil' mentality is what allows hackers to find ways of breaking into computer networks/software built by IT professionals that sometimes do not or cannot, spend enough time thinking about how someone can exploit their creations, due to unrealistic deadlines, fatigue, company policies and politics, etc.

This is why I believe this expert believes that Hackers have a certain edge over IT managers when it comes to Network Security. Hiring Hackers to counter Hackers seems to work best IMO because its like asking a car thief 'How would you break into my car if you wanted to steal it?'

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Uncharted3Goty2546d ago

it has to be true if its from a ex hacker then you know your not secure. its like a ex robber telling you that the locks you used are not good enough to protect your house.

mantisimo2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

Not so sure as a poster on the comment section of the source wrote this.

"This is GREGORY EVANS! Do you people not know who this is? he is a fraud and has absolutely ZERO skills. he isn't a security researcher, nor a hacker, nor a businessman. he defrauds his investors, files ridiculous lawsuits that always get thrown out. not only that, he's had his facebook & twitter accounts removed/suspended multiple times for threatening people & harassment. Only god knows why a "writer" would look to this guy as a qualified source to write about Sony's Playstation network. Yes, Sony is stupid and screwed up, royally. Gregory Evans isn't the authority on any of this. John Gaudiosi you're an idiot for publishing anything this guy has to say about security. He's a criminal and a fraud. Learn to check facts and your sources before you publish."

Ouch,if true (and the person who wrote the above is obviously also anti sony) but if true then pretty insignificant post.

Edit found this vid to back up the fraud claims at least.

-EvoAnubis-2546d ago

Interesting! So basically this guy is completely and totally full of shit.

slyleo20012546d ago

People should check all the facts before believing things they see/read on the internet. .... But who really has all that free time lol

tweet752546d ago

is any network ever 100% secure? thats like saying is my door lock 100% theif proof ? All you can do is take the best precautions