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Submitted by cyborg 1641d ago | opinion piece

Surprise E3 Announcements Sony Should Make

GM writes: There are two ways of trying to speculate what may happen in the future. The first way is to consider the current evidence, and formulate a rational conclusion based upon logic to decide the most likely course of events. The other way is to embrace wild speculation based upon emotion and then blindly hope that what you predict comes true even if there is no realistic way of it happening. The first method is by far the more reliable and accurate, but it also sucks all the fun out of having a good old punt on the most unlikely of odds. Hence, the following items are things that we WANT Sony to announce, even if there is not a blind chance of it actually happening. They are not actually all that unlikely, but a bit of amateur dramatics never hurt anyone. (E3, PS3, Sony)

movements  +   1641d ago
Final Fantasy VII Remake!!!
tehpees3  +   1641d ago
what about Kojima on stage with a MGS collection and peacewalker HD
captain-obvious  +   1640d ago
"A new Crash Bandicoot Game Developed by Naughty Dog"

Eyeco  +   1641d ago
Sony's horrible when it comes to suprise.

for the most all there "suprises" are announced a month or 2 before there confrences last year they announced KZ3, LBP2, and Infamous 2 like a month before launch what was the point ?

The Year before that they announced TLG 2-3 weeks before E3 and this year not only have they announced Starhawk but they've also leaked gameplay videos,.
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lil Titan  +   1641d ago
No, people who work for Sony who know too much and cant keep there mouth shut are horrible for Sony when it comes to surprises
lil Titan  +   1641d ago
jak and daxter might make an appearance, they need to release Ni no Kuni
psb  +   1641d ago
A new Syphon Filter title please
that would be awesome
Pintheshadows  +   1641d ago
My fingers are firmly crossed.
user9422077  +   1641d ago
Just announce GTA V or Half Life 3.

After Square announcing FFXIII going to the Xbox 360, you NEED to drop a massive bombshell.

Portal 2 was good, but we need something bigger. Do it.
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THWIP71  +   1641d ago
Um... would announcing sequels to third-party multiplatform games be a "bombshell" exactly???

And if you meant as exclusives on're an idiot. That's not gonna happen. :o
Karooo  +   1641d ago
I just want them
to price NGP well, so that we can buy the 3G version.
tyson43  +   1641d ago
Let's hope we hear more about Agent at e3.
Kon  +   1641d ago
I just want to know how much the NGP will cost.
THWIP71  +   1641d ago
I'm still going with my initial guess...
... at $349.99 USD. Though I wouldn't be surprised to see it at $400.
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n4gisatroll  +   1641d ago
Aren't they trimming it down to keep the price down? I'm thinking 299 or 249.
MonkJammas  +   1641d ago
Can't wait to find out about Eight Days and Agent.
Thecraft1989  +   1641d ago
Officially eight days is not in production the same goes for the getaway 3.

I would not surprised however if they do finish them a lot of money must of been spent on them both. So yes it could well be shown.
Nes_Daze  +   1641d ago
*Sigh* I just want to see GTA5 and Agent.
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Neko_Mega  +   1641d ago
Right now the best price guess for NGP is $299, but with time and alot of work. it can go down alot.

Maybe Nintendo pay Sony alot to get Bluray on Wii 2 and their for the NGP might cost alot less. Who knows.
SlowBurn  +   1641d ago
random acts of videogame violence against people clamouring endlessly for a FFVII remake and rebake.Paid for by Sony. surprise!
We(Sony) are done apologising.surprise !!
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DaBadGuy  +   1641d ago
Legend of Dragoon 2.

That is all.
stephmhishot  +   1641d ago
I think it would behoove Sony to release the NGP at a little less than expected, and maybe work out a way to get a few extra bucks from the 3G plans they set up with Verizon, AT&T etc. People are used to expensive data plans, and spending 35 bucks a month on a plan with the NGP costing around $250 will just feel better to most people than paying 30 bucks a month for a data plan and spending $350 on the NGP. It sounds dumb I know, but I think its true.
WooHooAlex  +   1641d ago
Crash Bandicoot coming to the NGP would be a system seller for me.

I almost forgot how much I loved those games.
synchroscheme  +   1641d ago
More Steam integration would be awesome. Portal 2 worked great with Steam support.
Libertheme  +   1641d ago
Emilio_Estevez  +   1641d ago
Shenmue/Battlefront 3 exclusivity?
Droid Control  +   1641d ago
Shenmue PSN re-release
Shenmue 3
MasterCornholio  +   1641d ago
How about a gears game on the PS3? That would be a huge surprise. I know it probably wont happen but if it did imagine the impact.
BlackIceJoe  +   1641d ago
I would really like to see more on Eight Days. I also would hope to see a new Tomba, Colony Wars & Legend of Dragoon. Those would be games I would like.
KingofGambling  +   1640d ago
Eight Days and the Getaway

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