Surprise E3 Announcements Sony Should Make

GM writes: There are two ways of trying to speculate what may happen in the future. The first way is to consider the current evidence, and formulate a rational conclusion based upon logic to decide the most likely course of events. The other way is to embrace wild speculation based upon emotion and then blindly hope that what you predict comes true even if there is no realistic way of it happening. The first method is by far the more reliable and accurate, but it also sucks all the fun out of having a good old punt on the most unlikely of odds. Hence, the following items are things that we WANT Sony to announce, even if there is not a blind chance of it actually happening. They are not actually all that unlikely, but a bit of amateur dramatics never hurt anyone.

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tehpees32666d ago

what about Kojima on stage with a MGS collection and peacewalker HD

captain-obvious2665d ago

"A new Crash Bandicoot Game Developed by Naughty Dog"


Eyeco2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

Sony's horrible when it comes to suprise.

for the most all there "suprises" are announced a month or 2 before there confrences last year they announced KZ3, LBP2, and Infamous 2 like a month before launch what was the point ?

The Year before that they announced TLG 2-3 weeks before E3 and this year not only have they announced Starhawk but they've also leaked gameplay videos,.

lil Titan2666d ago

No, people who work for Sony who know too much and cant keep there mouth shut are horrible for Sony when it comes to surprises

lil Titan2666d ago

jak and daxter might make an appearance, they need to release Ni no Kuni

psb2666d ago

that would be awesome

Pintheshadows2666d ago

My fingers are firmly crossed.

user94220772666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

Just announce GTA V or Half Life 3.

After Square announcing FFXIII going to the Xbox 360, you NEED to drop a massive bombshell.

Portal 2 was good, but we need something bigger. Do it.

THWIP712666d ago would announcing sequels to third-party multiplatform games be a "bombshell" exactly???

And if you meant as exclusives on're an idiot. That's not gonna happen. :o

Karooo2666d ago

to price NGP well, so that we can buy the 3G version.

tyson432666d ago

Let's hope we hear more about Agent at e3.

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The story is too old to be commented.