The Stig to feature at Microsoft's E3 Briefing on Facebook have released a teaser for their Xbox 360 E3 conference, containing The Stig.

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iamnsuperman2517d ago

So a non talking figure????. Not exactly exciting. It will be about Forza but I swear I saw the Top Gear logo already on the Forza trailer

MintBerryCrunch2517d ago

if they got Clarkson or Hammond along with him, it would be gold....they give the Stig life and make him look like a comedic character with their comments about him

DJMarty2517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )

@MintBerryCrunch - Yanks wouldn't get Clarksons jokes.

fluffydelusions2517d ago

Top Gear driving through Alabama episode was epic

zootang2517d ago

You boys do know Gran Turismo 5 has the stig and the Top Gear Teat Track.

MintBerryCrunch2517d ago

its still WAAAY more popular than the US Top Gear i believe that your average American understands Clarkson and his jokes...even if he takes jabs at almost every nationality that he's ever heard of

mandf2517d ago

When will MS realize, that outside influence of the game industry is meaningless. The same with spike game awards. Games should sell themselves and through word of mouth not sex symbols or icons from other industries. It demeans the very hobby we all love. It's like last year with the circus act. It had nothing to do with games. They could have spent that money on game development. They keep spending their money on stuff that has nothing to do with games. Yeah I know Stig is making an appearance for Forza. They only have an hour and a half. I would like them to show games not celebrities.

FishCake9T42517d ago

Some say he knows 2 facts about ducks..
and both of them are wrong

gaffyh2516d ago

Actually, this video confirms nothing. It is just a promo, doesn't mean Stig will actually be there.

Vherostar2516d ago

The new stig or the old though??

inveni02516d ago

Wow. If that's their big shocker, then I'm not impressed. I love cars, and Formula racing blows Nascar out of the water, but if Forza (or even GT) is your big reveal, you've really lost sight of the big picture.

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lil Titan2517d ago

you can pay anybody to be Stig. ill be looking close at his twitter to see if it's real @stigquotes "Some say MS lied about Stig being there."

PhoenixDevil2517d ago

Some say that that he uses Ghost Pro and sits in a corner . . .

and if Xbox Live was to get hacked then he would he would have more updates than Sony with the PSN . . .

all we know is that he's not the Stig but he is the Stigs Xbot cousin

iamnsuperman2516d ago

I know what it is. I do not really see what they are doing. If Clarkson, Hammond and May comes on I am not really sure why. The Stig doesn't talk. Unless they do a race between the Stig and one of the developers but still seams more about PR than actually saying something.

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Kon2517d ago

Gotta love this guy.

user94220772517d ago

The original Stig got fired for revealing his identity via releasing a biography. However, they brought another Stig in who is believed to be a female driver.

resistance1002517d ago

The current Stig is the 3rd one.

The second Stig is the one who revealed his identity, not the original

despair2517d ago

actually the first revealed his identity as well in a book and thus was fired/killed off..I believe they drove him off a aircraft carrier...good stuff.

SlyFoxC2517d ago

what the hell is this..DEATH RACE?

Munky2517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )

He will most probably do a live demo showing all the new features (especially how Kinect is implemented) in the F4.

Fishy Fingers2517d ago

Might have to swap the white for orange then ;)

Munky2517d ago

lol... but the white jump suit is his signature outfit. He might as well talk if he was to do that.

B00M2517d ago

Used to be black as well.

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ZeroChaos2517d ago

I'm sorry but The Stig moving around like that doesn't really feel like the Stig. =/

karl2517d ago

not only that.. but the stig is nothing more than a helmet.. what makes him special are his driving skillz which he wont be showing in MS e3 conference..

now... it could be bill gates with a helmet... who knows if u dont put him behind the wheel?

ExitToExisT2517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )

cant understand why people like this guy. (yeah i watch top gear)

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