Sony E3 2011 Conference Preview and Confirmed Announcements

With less than a week until Sony’s official E3 press conference, we detail the confirmed announcements and various rumors set to be unveiled by Jack Tretton and Co. in Los Angeles.

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malamdra2546d ago

this is just a nothing article, no really a preview, just a bunch a romours and stuff we already know

the writer doesn't even try to guess any of the surprise announcements

Morgue2545d ago

I miss the spell check feature that N4G used to have.

Ocelot5252545d ago

they disabled it because modern browsers have it built-in

but malamdra is color-blind and can't see the red lines

Spitfire_Riggz2545d ago

Kingdom Hearts 3 anybody? Kingdom Hearts HD collection?

Even though I have no source I called it!! Right here folks

JAPS3KHLBP142545d ago

if that happen i would probably run all through my house screaming like a school girl!

Hozi892545d ago

FF Versus XIII Goes multi-platform? lol...I'm just joking but that would give me nightmares if it did.

I bet Square is gonna focus more Hitman, FFXV, Deus Ex, and FF XIII-2.

Even though Kojima won't be there, I bet he has a big surprise for us. He'll probably appear via live video chat.

But something I believe that's gonna happen is Halo 4. That's right I called it.

christoph2032545d ago

I think if square enix made a kindom hearts game now they'd ruin the series , theve turned into pretty bad devolopers.

GameRant2545d ago

It's titled "Preview and Confirmed Announcements" ... and that's what it is.

user94220772545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

What in the name of madusa... we already know this stuff - PS Vita name, etc.


MasterCornholio2545d ago

Sony will have an incredible E3. Be prepared to be amazed.

Simco8762545d ago

They always do, but Wii will steal the show with a new console. You can't beat new hardware, but I am pulling for a awesome rebound for the PS3

Soldierone2545d ago

What about NGP? Its new hardware too...

Its not a console, but handhels are beginning to get just as exciting with new technology. (And no im not disagreeing that Nintendo will have a good show. Im just saying both companies are bringing new hardware with them, so both will be exciting)

MasterCornholio2545d ago


Yeah i agree with you. Its amazing what the NGP can do i mean when i saw the 3DS i saw it to be the next step in evolution of portables. But the NGP isnt just a step its a leap forward tech wise and with Sony backing it there will be a ton of great titles as well. Plus i believe that most portable titles will go multi-platform. So besides Nintendo games and a few 3rd party exclusives you wont be missing much if you just own a 3DS.

DeeZee2545d ago

7 comments and over 500 degrees? Hmm, I've never seen that before.

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The story is too old to be commented.