Ninja Gaiden 3: First Official Screens

Tecmo’s Team Ninja has been busy crafting some major releases lately. With the recent release of Dead or Alive Dimensions on the Nintendo 3DS, the development team is now focusing on their next project, Ninja Gaiden 3. Set for a massive E3 reveal, Ninja Gaiden 3 will be the first original Ninja Gaiden offering since Tomonobu Itagaki’s departure from the company. Today, the first batch of official game screens has been released.

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Vegetom2156d ago

Hmm.. low res textures?

MaxXAttaxX2156d ago (Edited 2156d ago )

360 version maybe?

Although I'm sure the differences won't be as big this time around as they were between NG2 and NGS2 since they're being made simultaneously.

likedamaster2156d ago

Yes and no. Low res, yes, but they're scans from a mag. Doesn't even look like gameplay screenies.

Fishy Fingers2156d ago

Look more like scans to me. Either way, not much evolution going on here, graphically anyway. Personally, I'm more interested in how it plays.

fluffydelusions2156d ago (Edited 2156d ago )

For the most part I think everyone knows what to expect graphically from current gen consoles now. They have pretty much been pushed to their limit with games like UC2, GoWIII and so on. The only console game that amazes me when I look at it these days is the last guardian.

Pintheshadows2156d ago

If you're looking at textures whilst playing NG you are doing it wrong.

Fishy Fingers2156d ago (Edited 2156d ago )

We're looking at screenshots, other than visuals there isnt much to judge/evaluate. There wont be any 'playing' for a while. Hopefully long enough to sort the textures ;)

Jamegohanssj52156d ago

Agree @ Pins

Hide yours kids and your wives because Ninja Gaiden is coming for you!


lil Titan2156d ago

i like the hack and slash ninja but would like to be stealth like a real ninja, they need to bring Tenchu back and not ruin it MS!

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The story is too old to be commented.