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The Modern Warfare 3 Files: Team Perks, No Nukes, New Killstreaks

Brian Crecente — "It's a fair guess that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will follow in the footsteps of last year's Call of Duty: Black Ops, shattering sales records and bringing even more people to video games.

But it's typically not the single player campaign, detailed here, that draws in those record-breaking numbers. While many, including myself, enjoy the Call of Duty campaigns, it's the multiplayer that has managed to shift the Call of Duty franchise from a video game to something more akin to a sport.

We've also learned, unfortunately, that this latest Call of Duty still won't support dedicated servers, instead relying on the hosted servers found in previous iterations of the game. Dedicated servers were removed from the Modern Warfare games starting with Modern Warfare 2. (Modern Warfare 3 appears to be using DemonWare for player authentication, just like with Call of Duty: Black Ops.)" (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Update The below info has been taken from @fourzerotwo (Robert Bowling's Twitter Page)

@fourzerotwo Robert Bowling
Lots of false #MW3 info being reported as fact. There is no Stopping Power, OMA, Commando, or Nukes. Beyond that, you’ll have to wait & see.

Robert Bowling
@crecenteb @CrazyCanukk There is blatantly false information in that article. I encourage you to reserve judgement until you have facts.

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Dart89  +   1718d ago
Health regen??Talk about noob perks even if they're team based perks.

Lol still no dedi servers so lame.
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Statix  +   1718d ago
No dedicated servers = No buy for me.

This Kotaku article just made it a really easy purchase decision between Battlefield 3 and MW3 this November. When rumors briefly circulated that there might be dedicated servers, I was actually really considering getting MW3. Now, I'm going to put my preorder in for BF3.
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MRHARDON  +   1718d ago
The funny thing about this is, it sounds like a typical COD game, new perks, new killstreaks, new weapons.

Sounds like a big dlc pack to me.
Coheno  +   1718d ago
I'm predicting that dedicatd servers will be part of the Elite premium service!
Statix  +   1718d ago
@Coheno: Chances are, dedicated servers won't even be part of the Elite service. There are too many logistical concerns about doing it that way, such as the fact that Elite players will only be able to play with other Elite players.

For instance, if I were an Elite player, I would not be able to play with my buddies because they aren't Elite players, since they can't play on dedicated servers.

Maybe it could work if they gave you an in-game option to play on either P2P or dedicated servers (your choice), but that seems like it would just be too complicated.
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Upbeat  +   1718d ago
What anoys me the most is thats why people pay for xbox live, to help with dedicated servers? and how many games have them? very few, not being a fan boy I have a 360 just to play with my mates. But anyhow paying £45 for a game and then going on to pay to play the game without lag with dedicated servers? Bobby can suck my shaving nuts
mikeslemonade  +   1718d ago
There should be a "no camping mode". You can't camp in the same spot with in proximity of 5 feet for more than five seconds. There's a "camp tracker" in the map that instantly kills you if you camp more than 5 seconds. Until they instill this mode I am not buying a COD game ever again. Instead I'm gonna camp and snipe the whole time in Battlefield 3.
jeseth  +   1718d ago
I can't believe people still complain about camping. Its part of the game. Effective "camping" teams absolutely dominate on TDM/HQ/Domination.

If a camper kills you once, oh well. If a camper kills you twice in the same area then shame on you for being the moron that came up on him the same way. I tend to either avoid that direction completely or go out of my way to flank and kill a "camper". If you can't outsmart a camper then you're just not very good at COD or any other FPS game.

I also can't get my head around the blind hate for COD. Its like they are the NY Yankees or NE Patriots of video games. COD is a great game and is fast, fun, and easy to pick up an play with friends. Are their other FPS games that have great MP, yeah sure (Killzone, BFBC, Halo, etc.) but COD set the bar and no one has really dethroned them in overall MP quality. There are campers, noobs, etc. in EVERY online FPS game.

I am looking forward to MW3 because I really didn't like Black Ops (which I was dissapointed about because I liked W@W so much) and felt Treyarch dropped the ball.

Whether we want to admit it or not, myself and the rest of us on N4G are a small passionate segment of the gaming community. MW2 is going to sell like bananas no matter how hard we try and how much people hate on it.
Heartnet  +   1717d ago
Dude.. no1 cares what the fuk you pre-order..
Heartnet  +   1717d ago

U dont pay Xbl for dedicated servers.. you pay Xbl gold to play online and all of its features..

Your paying microsoft not Activision as its the publishers / developers choice to include Dedic Servers..
Rambot   1718d ago | Not a reply | show | Replies(2)
BeastlyRig  +   1718d ago
Lol You know The call of duty franchise doesn't make enough for dedi servers! Black ops only made 6 billion in it's first six weeks cut them some slack!!

BF3 dedi servers are coming though..
execution17  +   1718d ago
Heartnet  +   1717d ago
Dude theres 3 BF games and like 7 CoD Games and more inc..

Its alot easier to add Dedicated servers to a team that makes one a sequel every 3 years but add it to a game that comes out yearly.. you cant lol if one has it they all got it and that would cost alot of money
TabLock  +   1718d ago
fail article
venomcarnage89  +   1718d ago
New Killstreaks!? Activisions really outdone themselves weith this one! Day one buy for me now!! /S
xtremexx  +   1718d ago
Kotaku, if this is true, then Activision must hate you, but who cares lol
Trackboss  +   1718d ago
This is REAL journalism. Thanks Kotaku
TabLock  +   1718d ago
lol, ur wrong
Slayer697  +   1718d ago
Good thing it isn't Bowling tweeted in response to a comment cresente made on twitter saying there's no such thing as "team perks" in MW3!/fourz...
The Meerkat  +   1718d ago
Point Guard. That sounds good.
LightSamus  +   1718d ago
For someone like me, it sounds great. I'm forever only clipping enemies and teammates finishing them off XD
blumatt  +   1718d ago
I've had the same problem before. It makes me mad when I nearly kill someone, then they get a lucky shot in and kill me, and then my teammate kills the guy and he gets the kill points. haha
trippyaaron  +   1718d ago
this is good because the (most likely) horrible hit detection will make it extremely hard to kill someone
Emilio_Estevez  +   1718d ago
Why no nuke?
LightofDarkness  +   1718d ago
Because it's pointless giving the guy who's killed 25 people without dying the ability to kill everyone with a button press?
Emilio_Estevez  +   1718d ago
I know, but it's so hard to get to, a large reward for 25 was always cool to me.
The Meerkat  +   1718d ago
Because it encourages cheaters.

which ruined FFA in MW2
LightofDarkness  +   1718d ago
I think a medal would suffice. Some sort of shiny badge beside your name saying "F**KS MOTHERF***ERS UP" should keep the brodudes happy and awe-struck.
MoreRPG  +   1718d ago
what he said
anyway no nuke is the best thing they done but im going to miss ending people killstreak before they get the nuke
HeavenlySnipes  +   1718d ago
Take out Littlebird
I'm tired of low remote controlled killstreaks plaguing the battlefield. Now the RC cars can fly and kill people anywhere!


If the game doesn't have splitscreen online then no buy. There is already no dedi servers so right now, Uncharted 3's online is looking more appealing.
MidnytRain  +   1718d ago
I think your concern with Littlebird is out of place because it doesn't say anywhere that the device itself explodes. I'm thinking it'll be more like the UAV in Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Also, am I the only one who thinks missing out on a game because it's missing one feature is kind of lame?
HeavenlySnipes  +   1718d ago
The game as a whole
has been the same for years. They add perks (all the same for the most part with different names) and the games are always laggy with bad hit detection and balance. The fact that Black Ops had Spiltscreen was the only reason I bought it after the colossal mess MW2 was and the fragfest W@W was.

The fact that UC3 will have online splitscreen (with dual login on PS3), no lag, awesome gunplay from the 2nd and innovative features like the buddy system makes it WAAAAY more appealing.
Raven_Nomad  +   1718d ago
Glad they are brining back Stopping Power. I wish Black ops had this perk. When I went back and played MW2 I was surprised at how fast a gun with Stopping Power could drop someone.

I think Treyarch made COD games tend to have more bullet lag then IW ones.
AKissFromDaddy  +   1718d ago
I wish it wasn't a team perk though.
retrofly  +   1718d ago
Agree, wish the guns just had it inbuilt so we can use other perks.
MARKUS_MAX1MUS  +   1718d ago
I just wish it was you and your fucking gun.
YogiBear  +   1718d ago
I agree. That's why I haven't bought a COD game since Modern Warfare.
BX81  +   1718d ago
I was hoping they were going back to the COD4 formula. Keeping it simple. I tried playing it today but it's riddled with idiots taking up the screen with stupid messages.
KeiserSosay4788  +   1718d ago
I agree...I hated Juggernaut and Stopping power in COD 4. How much easier do you want the game to be for players. Seriously? That was one BIG problem I had with BC2(magnum ammo and Flak vest)...I'm VERY glad they won't have those in BF3...
Vherostar  +   1718d ago
Well I think it wont shatter sales records this year due to a lot of ppl being scared off by COD elite.
TriangleOffense  +   1718d ago
I think the opposite, even despite the elite stuff this game will kill all previous versions in sales numbers
MidnytRain  +   1718d ago
Most CoD players won't care. The majority probably doesn't even know about Elite at this point.
MRHARDON  +   1718d ago
I am not subscribing to Elite....Elite is a useless service and I hope it fails but the funny thing is, it wont because you have these sheep that buy anything with COD on it...
Cosmo811  +   1718d ago

Of course, anyone who doesn't agree with you is obviously a sheep.
DeadIIIRed  +   1718d ago
I think the success of MW3 actually comes down to how well Battlefield 3 is marketed. I think DICE has done a terrible job in the past and consider that the reason the BF games don't sell as well as they should.
Jack-Pyro  +   1718d ago
I hope to god Stopping Power is a regular perk again instead of a Team Perk....that would suck ass.
MRHARDON  +   1718d ago
I really dont know how this team perk thing will work, it sounds like its a stupid idea,it will only encourages more camping...
KeiserSosay4788  +   1718d ago
It will prob work like MOH
BenEViolent  +   1718d ago
According to Robert Bowling there is no stopping power
kza  +   1718d ago
Uncharted 3 is out just b4 this so i have even less intrest in this pile of crap!!flying RC cars WTF lol.
T-K47x  +   1718d ago
Why are you and a lot of others constantly coming onto Call Of Duty articles then if you "Don't Care". I guarantee by the time November hits most of these so called cod haters who are deliberately getting on the B3 is better than cod bandwagon will still go out and get MW3. If you don't like Cod then stop reading and commenting on every article that gets posted. I'm looking at you Dart89 I've seen you on so many call of duty articles its unreal.
YogiBear  +   1718d ago
You know that writing those kinds of comments only adds fuel to the fire and makes them write more comments to annoy you.
MRHARDON  +   1718d ago
When I saw that I was like "Sounds like something Infinity Ward would think of"

This got me thinking, does Infinity Ward have 12 year olds working for them? "WE N33D A FLYING REMOTE ROFL CHOPPER!!!!"
#9.2 (Edited 1718d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
AKissFromDaddy  +   1718d ago
2009 Infinity Ward wouldn't remove Stopping Power and the Nuke. Additionally, they'd have an better looking game and a better teaser trailer. I don't what's 2011 Infinity Ward is thinking but I know the old Infinity guaranteed 1 good COD every 2 years.
Kee  +   1718d ago
20 maps? How many of them are DLC? lol.

Glad EMP is just a grenade. That was overpowered in the last one.

Littlebird helicopter? Nice! (I say that but I'll later end up hating them)

How could you not know what blast shield does? Deflects explosions, obviously. (read: Anti noob-tube perk)

EDIT: Not having stopping power all the time is fine, as long as there is no last stand/juggernaut/painkiller.
#10 (Edited 1718d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
AKissFromDaddy  +   1718d ago
25 kills ain't easy.
Missing the Nuke already. Whoever gets it deserves it. Additionally there is too many whiners in COD. When devs listen to the community too much, games like Black Ops ain't fun playing multiplayer.
TriangleOffense  +   1718d ago
MAG is a great example of how to kill a game by listening to the community too much
BigBoss07  +   1718d ago
Amen to that!
Kee  +   1718d ago
What did they put in black ops that the gamers asked for? haha.

Awful lag?
Second Chance?
Annoying Killstreaks?

I didn't ask for any of that. That's why I like playing the new competition mode they patched in, you don't get any of that. Best night of Black ops I've had yet in that mode.
AKissFromDaddy  +   1718d ago
The whiners complained about making sure no guns be overpowered. No gun in BO has an identity anymore and there is only one good sniper.

Whiners hated the Nuke b/c they couldn't get that many kills.

Whiners hated Quick Scoping b/c it was too hard for them to do it and they couldn't kill the guys doing it.

Whiner hated the good killstreaks b/c they were blown away by the better player who got even better killstreaks, so no stackable killstreaks.

Finally, the whiners hated, I MEAN HATED shotguns as secondaries, so shotguns get UBER NERFED to being unusable and placed as primary weapons, lol

If you noticed, it is only the whiners that actually change a game's design to becoming less fun. Glitches and hacks are problems but not changing fun game design to be fair and balanced. Look at Black Ops.

A game should be fun to play( MW & MW2) or have rock, paper, scissor balance(BFBC 2)

MW2 is probably the last COD that will be fun to play.
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cyborg6971  +   1718d ago
At daddy kissed mw2 was the worst non fun cod there has been and if you think the whiners changed the game take into consideration that when mw2 shipped it was broken. A camp noobfest where the good players got fed up with the unbalanced crap unlimited noob tubes and grenades. Mw2 is the worst in the series fact.
KeiserSosay4788  +   1718d ago
The nuke SUCKED because it PROMOTED camping, as do most of the killstreaks.
jeseth  +   1717d ago
@ cyborg

COD game are always campfests in the beginning. No one knows the maps and they are cautiously creeping around trying not to get killed. Every COD game since MW has been this way.

And it is the over vocal whiny b+&ches that get owned that ruin the game. Lets take away Martyrdom (a fairly realistic perk that happens in real life) because it is queer and I'm sick of dying from a Martyrdom grenade, and then we get a perk like Commando where you can stab an opponent from 12 feet away even though they've been shot 3 times. Thats Cool.

Call of Duty is ruined by the complainers. They keep making the game easier for average players to excel and that means there is a bunch of cheap crap in their. But the easier they make it for average/weak players, the better the really good players dominate.
ILikeTurtles  +   1718d ago
There is only one reason why I like CoD xD
because it keeps all the underaged fragheads and raging noobs away from mah battlefield and other REAL games.
retrofly  +   1718d ago
What about people who play both, as far as I know most of the people I know have COD + BF:BC, and are planning to get MW3 and BF3?
MARKUS_MAX1MUS  +   1718d ago
Unfortunetely the BF community still has you.....a little generalising prick who has the common sense of a stone and the mental capacity of a ham sandwhich.
Jack-Pyro  +   1718d ago
Oh Snap!
Veni Vidi Vici  +   1718d ago
That's all I needed to read to make my decision...although I wasn't going to get it before I read that.

IW must really want the PC crowd to pirate this game because PC players won't put up with that shitty P2P BS again. For all the bad things pirates do, hacking the game to have dedicated servers is an example of where pirates did some good.
LightSamus  +   1718d ago
I hope they keep Black Ops' killstreak style where killstreaks themselves don't count towards future killstreaks. At least it stopped people camping and letting their Harriers/Helicopters doing all the work.
SixShotCop  +   1718d ago
No nukes? Great news! Make sure to take out that freaking chopper gunner as well. Please make the shotgun a secondary weapon again! It would be appreciated. Anything else? Hummm... oh almost forgot. Second Chance is annoying. I kill them by using a flash grenade so i don't have to stick around. Penalize the quiters ala Halo
SockMaster  +   1718d ago
No dedicated servers? I would LOVE to know why! Someone up top in the management at Activision needs to be fired! Its not a case of money, its them being greedy and we lose out - I hope that rumour isn't true but I would almost but money on there being "No dedicated servers" how comes Homefront can do it but CoD cant?

On the positive side some good news, especially that perk when 2 assists make a kill towards your killsteak, I would like more of an incentive for "going for the objective" im sick of players not helping me in domination etc...
Killzone3___  +   1718d ago
i love getting efficted of the EMP :D , i know , im crazy but i love it , it makes me more excited and it remove the icon in the middle of the screen that help aiming and the map , it feels more fun because it makes it harder in a good way :) ...

i love the stopping power perk , it's amazing especially on MP5 in cod4 ! :D .. i wish if it comes back ... i still remember that alots of people didnt know about it , only few wass using it ...
#17 (Edited 1718d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
PRHB HYBRiiD  +   1717d ago
lol wtf..?? dude every one used stopping power in cod 4.../i will buy mw3 just to play with my 3 to play with my buddies :)....what i would really like to see is cod world at war 2 using frostbite 2 engine with at least 10 v 10 in team death match and dedi servers...but that aint going to happen :(
TriangleOffense  +   1718d ago
Robert Bowling
Lots of false #MW3 info being reported as fact. There is no Stopping Power, OMA, Commando, or Nukes. Beyond that, you’ll have to wait & see.
Cerberus29  +   1718d ago
Thank god, I knew they wouldn't bring Nukes (camp-fest) back, but I was worried they might bring back stopping power
BenEViolent  +   1718d ago
According to Robert Bowling there is no Stopping Power.
bloodybutcher  +   1718d ago
i´m not a big fan of fps online,although i don´t say i totally dislike them.on the contrary, enjoyed mw mp quite much,even though kz2 and bfbc2 were imo better experience and more fun(online).but with mw2 and codbo (i hated waw) i played less and less...even moh was better for i think i´m gonna skip mw3,especially since i´m unemployed so i have to choose my purchases carefully.probably will go with bf3,although i´m growing tired with fps maybe u3?time(and wallet) will tell...
Soldierone  +   1718d ago
I don't like it....

Health Regeneration : So we won't get it normally? So its basically turning into Battlefield? Why? I play COD for COD not COD for battlefield...No health regen will ruin the game.

Stun Protection: Give me a break....thats the most stupid thing ever. Clans and what not are going to absolutely dominate this title and make it not fun for everyone else.

And the new perks are just total noob perks...The only good one is Point Guard. The rest are just going to break the game as much as Martydom did. I wonder who isn't going to use the 'immune to killstreaks" perk...come on.


No Nuke? Umm how about just add an non-game ending nuke? Makes sense.

Honestly they are screwing with the game, but screwing with the wrong things. If you want a new experience there are plenty other ways to do it, not add in noob perks and game breaking crap. Cant wait to call in a chopper gunner or something and you wont be able to kill a single person, so instead you just waste five minutes flying in a circle.
Septic  +   1718d ago
No nuke?? Noooo! Just make it really hard to get it instead of removing it because BKs keep crying about it. Its the one thing that made my friends and I play the game so much.

To be honest I strongly suspect BF3 will dethrone this (and rightfully so) and if the news about no dedicated servers is true, well then that's just another reason why BF3 will be the superior FPS (amongst a myriad of other reasons!)

I like COD simply because its a good casual drop-in, drop-out kind of game but there's only so much recycled garbage I'm willing to be sodomised by. Time will tell however and I remain eager to see more of the multiplayer from both games.
BlueRevolvuR  +   1718d ago
I remember hearing about dedicated servers from robert bowling's twitter.
SLEDGE  +   1718d ago
No dedicated servers eh?
Hopefully that part is false, and accually have dedicated servesr.
I really dont want to experiance the pain of P2P on PC again.
The amount of abuse in MW2 was incredible...
Cerberus29  +   1718d ago
NO Stopping Power, but the Point Guard one sounds pretty cool,
Rezka  +   1718d ago
Its a rumor guys
Cablephish  +   1718d ago
There should be a perk that allows you to spawn behind them so you can kill them or on top of them so you can goomba stomp them.
earbus  +   1718d ago
Perks ruined the franchise for me good players should get less rewards a little thing called ballance.
FalconR289  +   1718d ago
Some of these perks seem unbalanced, and therefore make the game unbalanced.
Drab  +   1718d ago
"NO LAG" on ps3...yes plz^^
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