The Modern Warfare 3 Files: Team Perks, No Nukes, New Killstreaks

Brian Crecente — "It's a fair guess that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will follow in the footsteps of last year's Call of Duty: Black Ops, shattering sales records and bringing even more people to video games.

But it's typically not the single player campaign, detailed here, that draws in those record-breaking numbers. While many, including myself, enjoy the Call of Duty campaigns, it's the multiplayer that has managed to shift the Call of Duty franchise from a video game to something more akin to a sport.

We've also learned, unfortunately, that this latest Call of Duty still won't support dedicated servers, instead relying on the hosted servers found in previous iterations of the game. Dedicated servers were removed from the Modern Warfare games starting with Modern Warfare 2. (Modern Warfare 3 appears to be using DemonWare for player authentication, just like with Call of Duty: Black Ops.)"


The below info has been taken from @fourzerotwo (Robert Bowling's Twitter Page)

@fourzerotwo Robert Bowling
Lots of false #MW3 info being reported as fact. There is no Stopping Power, OMA, Commando, or Nukes. Beyond that, you’ll have to wait & see.

Robert Bowling
@crecenteb @CrazyCanukk There is blatantly false information in that article. I encourage you to reserve judgement until you have facts.

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Dart892519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )

Health regen??Talk about noob perks even if they're team based perks.

Lol still no dedi servers so lame.

Statix2519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )

No dedicated servers = No buy for me.

This Kotaku article just made it a really easy purchase decision between Battlefield 3 and MW3 this November. When rumors briefly circulated that there might be dedicated servers, I was actually really considering getting MW3. Now, I'm going to put my preorder in for BF3.

MRHARDON2519d ago

The funny thing about this is, it sounds like a typical COD game, new perks, new killstreaks, new weapons.

Sounds like a big dlc pack to me.

Coheno2519d ago

I'm predicting that dedicatd servers will be part of the Elite premium service!

Statix2519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )

@Coheno: Chances are, dedicated servers won't even be part of the Elite service. There are too many logistical concerns about doing it that way, such as the fact that Elite players will only be able to play with other Elite players.

For instance, if I were an Elite player, I would not be able to play with my buddies because they aren't Elite players, since they can't play on dedicated servers.

Maybe it could work if they gave you an in-game option to play on either P2P or dedicated servers (your choice), but that seems like it would just be too complicated.

Upbeat2518d ago

What anoys me the most is thats why people pay for xbox live, to help with dedicated servers? and how many games have them? very few, not being a fan boy I have a 360 just to play with my mates. But anyhow paying £45 for a game and then going on to pay to play the game without lag with dedicated servers? Bobby can suck my shaving nuts

mikeslemonade2518d ago

There should be a "no camping mode". You can't camp in the same spot with in proximity of 5 feet for more than five seconds. There's a "camp tracker" in the map that instantly kills you if you camp more than 5 seconds. Until they instill this mode I am not buying a COD game ever again. Instead I'm gonna camp and snipe the whole time in Battlefield 3.

jeseth2518d ago

I can't believe people still complain about camping. Its part of the game. Effective "camping" teams absolutely dominate on TDM/HQ/Domination.

If a camper kills you once, oh well. If a camper kills you twice in the same area then shame on you for being the moron that came up on him the same way. I tend to either avoid that direction completely or go out of my way to flank and kill a "camper". If you can't outsmart a camper then you're just not very good at COD or any other FPS game.

I also can't get my head around the blind hate for COD. Its like they are the NY Yankees or NE Patriots of video games. COD is a great game and is fast, fun, and easy to pick up an play with friends. Are their other FPS games that have great MP, yeah sure (Killzone, BFBC, Halo, etc.) but COD set the bar and no one has really dethroned them in overall MP quality. There are campers, noobs, etc. in EVERY online FPS game.

I am looking forward to MW3 because I really didn't like Black Ops (which I was dissapointed about because I liked [email protected] so much) and felt Treyarch dropped the ball.

Whether we want to admit it or not, myself and the rest of us on N4G are a small passionate segment of the gaming community. MW2 is going to sell like bananas no matter how hard we try and how much people hate on it.

Heartnet2518d ago

Dude.. no1 cares what the fuk you pre-order..

Heartnet2518d ago


U dont pay Xbl for dedicated servers.. you pay Xbl gold to play online and all of its features..

Your paying microsoft not Activision as its the publishers / developers choice to include Dedic Servers..

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Rambot2519d ago ShowReplies(2)
BeastlyRig2519d ago

Lol You know The call of duty franchise doesn't make enough for dedi servers! Black ops only made 6 billion in it's first six weeks cut them some slack!!

BF3 dedi servers are coming though..

Heartnet2518d ago

Dude theres 3 BF games and like 7 CoD Games and more inc..

Its alot easier to add Dedicated servers to a team that makes one a sequel every 3 years but add it to a game that comes out yearly.. you cant lol if one has it they all got it and that would cost alot of money

venomcarnage892518d ago

New Killstreaks!? Activisions really outdone themselves weith this one! Day one buy for me now!! /S

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xtremexx2519d ago

Kotaku, if this is true, then Activision must hate you, but who cares lol

Trackboss2519d ago

This is REAL journalism. Thanks Kotaku

Slayer6972518d ago

Good thing it isn't Bowling tweeted in response to a comment cresente made on twitter saying there's no such thing as "team perks" in MW3!/fourz...

The Meerkat2519d ago

Point Guard. That sounds good.

LightSamus2519d ago

For someone like me, it sounds great. I'm forever only clipping enemies and teammates finishing them off XD

blumatt2519d ago

I've had the same problem before. It makes me mad when I nearly kill someone, then they get a lucky shot in and kill me, and then my teammate kills the guy and he gets the kill points. haha

trippyaaron2519d ago

this is good because the (most likely) horrible hit detection will make it extremely hard to kill someone

LightofDarkness2519d ago

Because it's pointless giving the guy who's killed 25 people without dying the ability to kill everyone with a button press?

Emilio_Estevez2519d ago

I know, but it's so hard to get to, a large reward for 25 was always cool to me.

The Meerkat2519d ago

Because it encourages cheaters.

which ruined FFA in MW2

LightofDarkness2519d ago

I think a medal would suffice. Some sort of shiny badge beside your name saying "F**KS MOTHERF***ERS UP" should keep the brodudes happy and awe-struck.

MoreRPG2519d ago

what he said
anyway no nuke is the best thing they done but im going to miss ending people killstreak before they get the nuke

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HeavenlySnipes2519d ago

I'm tired of low remote controlled killstreaks plaguing the battlefield. Now the RC cars can fly and kill people anywhere!


If the game doesn't have splitscreen online then no buy. There is already no dedi servers so right now, Uncharted 3's online is looking more appealing.

MidnytRain2519d ago

I think your concern with Littlebird is out of place because it doesn't say anywhere that the device itself explodes. I'm thinking it'll be more like the UAV in Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Also, am I the only one who thinks missing out on a game because it's missing one feature is kind of lame?

HeavenlySnipes2519d ago

has been the same for years. They add perks (all the same for the most part with different names) and the games are always laggy with bad hit detection and balance. The fact that Black Ops had Spiltscreen was the only reason I bought it after the colossal mess MW2 was and the fragfest [email protected] was.

The fact that UC3 will have online splitscreen (with dual login on PS3), no lag, awesome gunplay from the 2nd and innovative features like the buddy system makes it WAAAAY more appealing.