PlayStation Vita Found On's E3 2011 Page

Dual Pixels - PlayStation Vita, or PS Vita is seemingly confirmed now after users have found the name of the platform in the source coding of

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Trackboss2368d ago

It has PS Vita referenced about 3 times on, it's confirmed

crxss2368d ago

doubt people will call it the Vita, sounds weird. its not a bad name but i'll probably call it the PSV.

Redrum0592368d ago

i agree with crXss
i cant hear myself calling a psdevice a vita. it doesnt roll of the tongue naturally

colonel1792368d ago

For me, the logo sucks more. They need to get rid of that font. Back in the PS2 days was fine, but they have used it on the PSP, PS3 and now Vita.

They really need to hire a new logo designer, but we all know they won't :(

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lil Titan2368d ago

dont care what its called, when is it coming out should be news, an official date 3rd quarter isnt enough

Queefy_B2368d ago

Its gonna be the best handheld bar none.

SilentNegotiator2368d ago (Edited 2368d ago )

Is it V-tuh, or V-ie-tuh? Or maybe v-a-ta?
How do you pronounce it?

By the way, roll the "Vita is doomed with such a silly name!"
Wii would like to have a good laugh.

Both sites source NeoGaf.
Don't try to credit that crappy site with this find.

mugoldeneagle032368d ago

I forgot every game site now a days is considered "crappy".


WooHooAlex2368d ago (Edited 2368d ago )

(vee-tah) would be the proper way to pronounce it.

mugoldeneagle032368d ago

I'm guessing thats where all this info came from.

liveActionLeveler2368d ago

Well the info source was a user on neogaf who got the info in the first place. Really all credit goes to him, username (GoFreak).

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FanOfGaming2368d ago

Then it's confirmed, why would Sony put PS Vita all across the source coding if that wasn't the planed name. It makes sense (V) 5th PlayStation console.

IRetrouk2368d ago

super sayian 5!!!! omg omg omg omg. i bow before you.
cant wait for the psv, gonna be good.

IRetrouk2367d ago

sorry it super sayian 4.

user94220772368d ago

Did anyone think otherwise?

I mean, it's already confirmed via images, Sony's dev site...

Raendom2368d ago

Already got used to it. Can't wait for the Vita.

nevin12368d ago


Should they save that for PS5 as the (V)5th Home console?

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The story is too old to be commented.