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What should be included in next-generation video game systems

E3 2011 is fast approaching, and the big three console makers are expected to announce their plans for their future systems.

Nintendo has already announced development on its next console, at this point code named "Project Cafe."

Sony's upcoming handheld, the NGP, is the powerful successor to the the PlayStation Portable, which came to American store shelves in 2005.

Microsoft is the wild card, with rumors swirling that big time game makers already have development kits for their unnanounced Xbox 360 follow-up. (Microsoft, Nintendo, PS3, Sony, Wii, Xbox 360)

piroh  +   1433d ago
backward compatibility

anyway it's too soon to discuss
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Uncharted3Goty  +   1433d ago
i agree and many more to come it is the next gen consoles so expect be things from it.
fluffydelusions  +   1433d ago
Definitely not to soon. Companies are working on next gen systems and it would be nice if they listened to the user base for what to improve upon and so on.
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wicked  +   1433d ago
I agree 100% backward compatibility.
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JsonHenry  +   1433d ago
Well, if history is any judge of what is going to be in the systems all you have to do is take what is considered a top tier PC configuration and cut it back in scale/power by about 2/3 and that is what will be in your new consoles.
piroh  +   1433d ago
PC with Cell and Bluray in 2006???
JsonHenry  +   1433d ago
The Cell is hardly anything innovative or powerful. Regular CPUs from AMD/Intel at the time could work circles around it. (when it comes to running video games)

Blu-Ray is just a storage medium. And yes, despite what you think, PCs had Blu-Ray players in 2006.
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phoenixdown  +   1433d ago
blu-ray and backwards compatibility
no questions asked.
TabLock  +   1433d ago
screenshots via keyboard, party systems, custom music, cross game chat, backward compat, bluray, 4usbs,
DrFUD  +   1433d ago
dont forget the sausage
ThePsychoGamer  +   1433d ago
backward compatibility

Personlized soundtracks (I knon Xbox already douse that. but I'd like to see it on PS4/Cafe as well.)

A good web browser, we could actually have rhis now if Sony/Nintendo put in the effort to keep the browser up to date.

That's all I can think of.
nevin1  +   1433d ago
Im going to agree with piroh, unchartedgoty and wicked. BC should be standard for all future next gen consoles.

But all this PSP/PS2 HD remakes business doesn't scare me for the future. I can't imagine Sony releasing PS3 remakes for PS4.

While I have confident that PS4 will be BC with PS1 and PS3, PS2 is I have doubts. I think will have PS2 games on PSN instead.
Fishy Fingers  +   1433d ago
Personally, I'd like new IP, although each new gen will see a drop as dev costs ruse forcing less risk taking. Hardware wise, I'm not sure, I'm still a pad gamer, I guess it depends how much 'influence' Sony/MS get from Nintendos machine.
Pillville  +   1433d ago
I don't understand why everyone thinks backwards compatibility is important. Just keep your old systems. PS3 has proven the problems with trying to force BC into a system.

When a new system comes out it should be looking ahead without dragging its feet with old tech crammed in.
nevin1  +   1433d ago
I recall a Sony executive saying BC wasn't that expensive.

Bottomline, BC was drop in favor of HD remakes.
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Pillville  +   1433d ago
I don't care about HD remakes either. When a NEW system comes out, I want NEW games.

If I want to play the old games, (which rarely happens) I'll break out the old system.
mamotte  +   1433d ago
I dont get it
Why everyone want the new consoles to play "old" games that everyone here can already play? Just play'em.

And for the next consoles, I would like the designers to be focused in design, instead of polygon count. Realism is booooooooring.
nevin1  +   1433d ago
Who is to say realism cant be part of design?
bumnut  +   1433d ago
so people can play the library of games they bought this gen
Pillville  +   1433d ago
You can play your current library right now. When the PS4 comes out, your PS3 doesn't magically stop working. You can keep the PS3 and use it for what it's for: PS3 GAMES.

There's a reason that there are no CD drives in iPods. Technology is moving on.

BC means more than the few chips on the motherboard. It would also mean you will need the same Blueray/DVD drives as previous gens, similar controllers, similar online networks to play them online, etc...
bumnut  +   1433d ago
I never said it would magically stop working, not everyone wants a stack of old consoles in their living room.

Do you have a problem with Bluray players that play dvd's too?

BC does not have to mean any extra chips on the motherboard, they could go down the virtual route
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Pillville  +   1433d ago
I don't care that my blueray also plays DVDs.
But, if someone asked me what I want in the next gen of home video tech, my first response wouldn't be "PLAY DVDs!!!!".
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lazertroy  +   1433d ago
Next gen consoles should be computers and game consoles.
Solidus187-SCMilk  +   1433d ago
I want
the controller to also be a bong.
nihonlight  +   1433d ago
Online security, and backwards compatibility.
Also should make toast.
mamotte  +   1432d ago
I dont want to fear a RROD or a YLOD, and then make my console completely useless
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