Memorex Unveils New Gaming Accessories at E3, Games Top Family Activity

Today it is announced that Memorex will be showing off new gaming accessories at E3 for the Wii and PlayStation Move.

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BLACKBIBLE2063d ago Show
xtheownerzx2063d ago

I like the New looks of the move and wii motes looks real sharp

Romeloo2063d ago

Man there's alot of great stuff happening at E3. Nice Move wand.

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Emilio_Estevez2063d ago

If they are unveiling this at E3 then why are there descriptions and pics here?

Joecool61012063d ago

This information was under embargo for press since 3 weeks ago.

They are showing thee actual item off at E3 so you can touch it and use it. Not "unveiling" it there.

just_looken2063d ago

yep also memorex weird but if there cheap then it will be a good alternative.

dragunrising2063d ago

When I think of memorex I think of cheap- in price and construction. I would have to read a review or two before buying anything from them.