The Married Gamers: Crysis 2 Review (Xbox 360)

John Catuira of The Married Gamers combines game review and New York travelogue in this review of Crysis 2 for the Xbox 360.

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benihya2386d ago

DX11 is out within 2 weeks, that 4 stars will change to 5 soon

Urrakia342386d ago

Just because it's getting improved graphics? That doesn't seem to justify a perfect score.

BakedGoods2386d ago

This game is so last month.

leftybrown2386d ago

I love how it's not just a review but also a NYC photo tour. Reminds me of when we'd have a guy from NYC give tourist tours in GTA IV for our community.

bronxsta2386d ago

Wow!! I didn't realize how accurately they recreated the landmarks.

Finally getting the game this weekend
Can! Not! Wait!

ShadowPraxis2386d ago

Neat alternate take on a review, guys! Would that more people did this (and that people would read it without complaining)! :)

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