Sony’s Biggest E3 Announcements Ever

The general consensus among gaming media and fans alike is that E3 2011 could be Sony’s biggest showing in the history of the PlayStation brand.

Before E3 begins, and Sony takes the gaming world by storm, PSLS takes you on a trip down memory lane by giving you a recap of Sony’s biggest E3 showings of the past.

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DA_SHREDDER2549d ago ShowReplies(3)
Kon_Artist 2549d ago

hopefully more will be added after this e3.

Lifendz2549d ago

Hmmmm....I really hadn't considered that. I have an eye toy just collecting'd be really cool if Sony has some cool Move titles coming down the line. Maybe that's why the Sony event is scheduled to take five hours. Sony has a good amount of stuff to cover this year.

BulletToothtony2549d ago

you're gonna be able to use you your Eye toy with the all new

Riiiiiiiiiidddggee Raaaaacer!!

omg if Kevin Butler said that i would totally pee in my pants.

If sony says anything about a price drop, that alone will win E3 and the console war.

But to me having Uncharted, Resistance and hopefully The Last Guardian, that will be it. That is all i will need this year.

zeeshan2549d ago

I believe we will see a pricecut. There are so many great PS3 deals coming in from almost every major retailed like Target, Walmart and even Amazon. I won't be surprised if Sony cuts PS3 cost by $50-$100.

The whole network breach tragedy has left a lot of gamers angry and well, a little disappinted and maybe pushed potential buyers to the fence at least for a while. A pricecut will defenitely help and if they decide to lower the cost by $100 that'll be simply awesome! It'll be hard to find a PS3 on shelves if Sony cuts the cost down by that big a margin.

In terms of software, I think we will see Agent (if it is not dead already) and perhaps a couple more announcements? And as for the hardware, I realllyyy doubt all these PS4 announcement rumors. It will be an epic fail on Sony's part if they decide to overshadow the NGP by announcing PS4!

FamilyGuy2549d ago

lmmfao riiiiidge raaaacer

solar2549d ago

dont forget our 4D we still havent got!!!


Actually you had... Go google 4D computer graphics.

lil Titan2549d ago

Maybe something from DICE involving Battlefield 3? But knowing Sony they're about to announce Legend of Dragoon 2 Right Sony!!! MORE JRPGS FOR GOD SAKE!

femshep2549d ago

PS4 im telling you they're trying to 1 up nintendo....copying the wii nintendo has a new console that is gonna threaten sony cause from the sound of it nintendo is gonna be serious....they're also on a 2 front war with them cause of the NGP and it'll be interesting can't wait to see what all of them have up there sleeves

Focker4202549d ago

Wayyyyyyyyyy too early for the PS4... Just look at how many flagship titles Sony is releasing this year. They wouldn't just drop ship and head into next-gen like that. There is plenty of breathing room for the PS3 left and I can guarantee there will be no PS4 at this years E3. I'm betting they will announce it next year and have it set to release in 2013.

blumatt2549d ago

Yeah, I can see the PS4 being announced next year maybe and then release in 2013. The PS3 has tons of good games coming out for it this year and next and the PS4 is not necessary just yet. But, I'd still love it if they announced it this year. haha Would be cool to see 1080p and 60fps in every game. lol

AAACE52549d ago

I don't think Ps4 will be announced this year, but it probably will next year!

Ps3 does have life left in it, but once new consoles hit, the old ones just feel... OLD! So Sony will have to have the Ps3 and Ps4 on the market at the same time.

Anyone who believes they will battle new consoles with old consoles for long is just nuts!

Nicaragua2549d ago

Thats pretty much what the PS2 did against the xbox.

skyblue142132549d ago (Edited 2549d ago )


My prediction for a ps4 announcement is 2014 at the earliest. Ibm just announced recently that they have just produced the next generation cell processor, and when sony was questioned about the ps4 sony commented that it will be way cheaper to produce the ps4 in terms of cost(adjusted for inflation) than it was to produce the ps3.

By the time 2014 rolls around the tech for the ps4 would be much cheaper than it would be now, releasing the ps4 any earlier than at least 2014 would kill off the playstation brand due to cost. Besides sony has stated many times that the ps3 has at least a 10-year development support cycle so the ps3 is not going anywhere anytime soon as sony's flagship console.

Imo 2014 would be the most logical and likely candidate for a ps4 announcement, that would give sony enough time to gradually phase out the ps3 as their flagship console and in turn bring in the ps4 as the flagship console. Don't worry though the ps3 will still be in production for at least a few years after 2016 if history tells us anything.

jneul2549d ago (Edited 2549d ago )

kinect copied the eyetoy... get over it, plus ps move been in r&d since 2000 before wiimote existed, anyone else getting tired of old repeating records??

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RedDead2549d ago

FFVii on ps3! Twas only a tech demo. What a tease though.