Nvidia Reveals Wired 3DVision Glasses For $99 – Why Are You Holding Out?

RipTen: With 3D gaming already being more and more accessible with the recent announcement of the GTX 560, Nvidia has announced that they are adding a pair of wired glasses to their 3DVision lineup.

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NYC_Gamer2579d ago

i'm just not in to wearing glasses to view 3d

jaredhart2579d ago

Agreed. Just like I don't like to wear headphones to hear surround sound.

Nostradavis2579d ago

I'm holding out for 4D. Best Buy says it will be awesome!

jaredhart2579d ago

But 5D will be better! lol.

Valay2579d ago

Same here, NYC_Gamer.

bumnut2579d ago

I don't mind wearing the glasses, but only because I have to. The only non glasses 3d I have tried is the 3ds and it was poor.

KingNintendoFanboy2579d ago

3D without the glasses is just cooler!

KillerPwned2579d ago

Eh i do wanna try gaming in 3D and not on the 3DS i already tried that i mean either console or PC. How much does a 3D PC monitor go for?

bumnut2579d ago have them for £215 for an acer 24" 1920 x 1080. Not sure where you are from though :)

I bought a 3d setup for my pc a few months back and am very impressed with it, much better than I was expecting.

Don't be tempted by the 1st gen viewsonics and samsungs, they are cheap for a reason.

femshep2579d ago

cause i don't need glasses to see what comes naturally?

sorry 3d is a big gimmick

bumnut2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

I disagree, I have played some amazing looking games in 3d and found it to make them much more enjoyable.

Just Cause 2
Dead Rising 2
The Witcher
Bad Company 2
Arkham Asylum
Flat out
Fall Out
Mafia 2

If you have not tried it on a pc, I suggest you do before writing it off.

femshep2579d ago

nah i like my eyes as they are i don't need to hurt them with something i don't need....i don't have a problem seeing depth

but i do enjoy all those gaems a lot (well maybe not mafia 2 but still it was good)

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