How Much Are You Willing To Pay For Call of Duty: Elite?

Call of Duty: Elite is the premium service that is going to accompany Call of Duty titles from November this year. The service is going to be available through the games themselves, the Internet, and even on Phones via an official Call of Duty: Elite application.

Elite is going to be a paid service, which will include downloadable content, as well as the features we set out in our preview. But what will be a fair yearly price for Call of Duty: Elite? Activision’s Jamie Berger stated that the price will be “less than any comparable service right now.” But what is a comparable service? We can’t think of anything that is directly comparable to Call of Duty: Elite.

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Kain812605d ago

yeah nothing!!!!

chriski3332605d ago

I am willing to pay nothing sorry that's just silly

xPhearR3dx2605d ago (Edited 2605d ago )

I will find the answer to the question if I get into the beta. I signed up 5 times.............

And if I get in, those codes are going straight to Ebay lol Then we will really see how much kids will pay for this crap.

This sums up what I think about COD: Elite

tehpees32605d ago

probably already been said but.... nothing

TheXonySbox2605d ago (Edited 2605d ago )

COD = Cashing On Dumb-asses

JasonBloodbourne2605d ago

whys that silly? i am also willing to nothing! £0 for this turd! lol

SilentNegotiator2605d ago (Edited 2605d ago )


If the series had higher standards and they didn't make it 1000x easier for people who have been playing a long time by giving them MUCH better weapons, I might consider paying $59.99 plus tax....and even that is a bit too much if you ask me.

Livin_in_a_box2604d ago

I'm paying nothing too, if anything I'll sign up to the inferior free version, but the chances of me getting Modern Wardare 3 are extremely low which would make it pointless anyway.

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JohnnyMann4202605d ago

Zero Dollars and Zero Cents....

Is that enough money for you Activision, you greedy bastards!?

fluffydelusions2605d ago

I will pay $59.99 + tax for BF3

roadtrucker2605d ago

guys i just heard you can pay with your soul!!!!

UltimateIdiot9112605d ago

But you got to pay cash for the legal fees.

Doletskaya2605d ago

-$10, thats right. Activision has to pay me money to use this service.

dantesparda2605d ago

But guys you get x feature and x feature just like XBL, so worth it!


metsgaming2605d ago

im not even willing to pay anything for the game itself so...

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GodisaGeek2605d ago

Not interested in the service, or another reason?

JebusF2605d ago

If the price covers the cost of all map packs, and leaves a few pennies to spare, I'd consider it.

Raendom2605d ago

$82 a month. Seems like amazing value.

LoaMcLoa2605d ago

Yeah, that's pretty low for Activision standards.

just_sayin2605d ago

Sarcasm got to love

JasonBloodbourne2605d ago

lol bargain of year! its a deal, its a steal its sale of the fu**ing century!