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Call of Duty Elite Trailer Leaked

Jeff Gerstmann, giantbomb.com staff member, just tweeted that someone has leaked one of the most anticipated trailers for the Call of Duty series. The Elite trailer, not scheduled to be released until tomorrow, was leaked just a few minutes ago by an unknown source. Unfortunately, it was pulled down by Activision almost immediately. (Activision, Call of Duty, PS3, Tag Invalid, Xbox 360)

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honestpizza  +   1641d ago
Couldn't hit my Youtube Download button fast enough! GRRRR!!!!!!!!!!
Eades  +   1641d ago
Same here dude...
MintBerryCrunch  +   1641d ago
i find it ironic that they are showing off how terrible the spawn system is in the game...that really isnt funny when it happens to you in game

stupid idea
limewax  +   1640d ago
Even better if that truly is MW3 at the end, it looks just like black ops
AEtherbane  +   1640d ago
TBH, i thought that was MWF2 at the end at first..... that's not a good sign.
And the service better be free, because its basically youtube with a new skin and some random COD forum page combined.
X-DominusRebellis-X  +   1640d ago
Why would anyone pay for this crap? All it is is everything you get in Black Ops (share videos, etc) except they make it look all fancy. Who seriously gives a shit what type of trends you have in a FPS and do you really need those to tell you what kind of gun to use in a certain level?

Activision really is pulling at straws here. Notice how the guy said you get real prizes, but never said what they were?
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   1640d ago
I believe the clan feature will be what they'll be capitalizing on this time.

Like if you want to have a way to assemble matches with friends against other team players without having to add random people you found on some internet forum you'll probably gonna need it...

I know it's something I would pay for. But that's just me, I play SOCOM, not COD, so I see clan match as quite a big deal... Don't know if COD fans care that much through, I haven't seen COD since the 4th game.
LOGICWINS  +   1641d ago | Well said
A Peanut Allergy clan?!

LOL, your a RETARD if you pay for this! I don't care if I get bubbled down.
Nitrowolf2  +   1641d ago
agreed. This is what many games supply already. So they are finally adding real clan support but its becoming a paid thing? way to rip people off.

I read somewhere that the paid stuff is for something else thats part of the service and this will be free for everyone while there is a prem. service of it.


i have no idea, but if they were it would be free.
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LOGICWINS  +   1641d ago
^^Dude and isn't UC3 doing virtually the SAME thing as this...for free??

@Nitro- ND said they would have full Facebook and Youtube support. So I think its practically the same thing as this.

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thorstein  +   1640d ago
@Logic, I just saw that! Posted it, but hadn't read your post yet.

I just heard from Naughty Dog that Uncharted 3 shows your Facebook friends (in game) and you can team up with them through that link.

Activision wants us to pay for that when it is FREE on other MPs? They are out of their minds.
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thorstein  +   1640d ago
Ok. Apparently it is free....
Shepherd 214  +   1640d ago
Bungie added the same thing to Halo 2 seven years ago for free.
just_looken  +   1641d ago
in case vid link is broken

also this is for me another nail in the coffin for this gen.
JoeIsMad  +   1641d ago
Hit up the working clip on ROQ:

scotchmouth  +   1641d ago
Who disagrees? This is true. I watched the video there
TheXonySbox  +   1641d ago
PASS, shit is a joke
See how hard they are trying to impress everyone..using PR people to the extreme for this shit.

Sorry, I got basically all of these features with the halo games, free without paying extra. So COD i think this will be the downfall of the series and the time of Battlefield.

Battlefield going back to the BF2 PC roots means BF3 > COD + (Gimmick elite for the retards).
thorstein  +   1640d ago

1Up is now reporting that it is free. I don't really trust 1Up but it bears looking into. I am not a huge COD fan, but I liked MW and MW2 so I thought, maybe... now, I think no. But if what 1Up says is true....
limewax  +   1640d ago
It states at the end of the video some features require a paid service
chriski333  +   1640d ago
holy crap wow that had to be the stupidest thing i have ever seen in video game history that will not work for me at all
Eades  +   1641d ago
Saw this but didnt get a chance to watch the video before Activision pulled it down... They were REALLY quick on it.
TheXonySbox  +   1641d ago
google the title of the article
Tons on youtube now.
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the_best_player  +   1641d ago
ah found a video, Activision is owning the COD fans haha

StillSNESing  +   1641d ago
I honestly don't want to pay to get more call of duty anymore than I want to buy multiple map packs
Dart89  +   1641d ago
I got to see it b4 it was pulled down all it talked about was comparing guns stats and joining clans and all sorts of other shizznit it looked really lame from my point of view.

Edit:looks like someone was able to download the video.

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Eades  +   1641d ago
Any word on the paid component or what they're gonna be charging for?

Edit: After watching the video its easy to see that Activision just did to CoD what they did to Guitar Hero.
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JoeIsMad  +   1641d ago
Never use HipHopGamer as a valid source. He's a cool guy and all that, but he posts a lot of false speculations as valid material.
B-radical  +   1641d ago
hmmmm not it aha
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B-radical  +   1641d ago
what a rip off aha
theafroman  +   1641d ago
Its BS paying for it but could be interesting. I'll probably won;t subscribe but use the free stuff.
GrumpyVeteran  +   1641d ago
Found another source of trailer for it here: (incase this vid gets removed):

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Jack-H  +   1641d ago
That video was well put together. And it had some relatively funny parts also.


Forgot to mention: Jack says this sh*t's whack.

I'm pretty sure some tool's just going to every comment and disagreeing with it. lol.
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RockmanII7  +   1641d ago
Is Elite free, because if not you can get the majority of that for free from Bungie.net
JoeIsMad  +   1641d ago
Some of this service is free from Activision, just as it is free from Bungie.
ares21al  +   1641d ago
Interesting, I wonder where this is going to end up in the long run
SuperStrokey1123  +   1641d ago
That was actually a really funny video and really well done. Hate on COD all you want but this is actually good and useful.
Cwalk816  +   1641d ago
Besides the fact Bungie has been doing it since Halo 3 and it's FREE!!!!
SuperStrokey1123  +   1641d ago
The cost is super lame for sure, i was talking about the video though.
Vecta  +   1641d ago
I can honestly say I didn't laugh once watching that video, all the jokes felt way to forced.

Anyway why would anyone pay for stuff that other developers give them for free?
phosphor112   1641d ago | Personal attack | show | Replies(1)
Sharingan_no_Kakashi  +   1641d ago
No thanks.
PiR86  +   1641d ago
No more CoD for me, I'm not paying 60$ for a fraction of a game.
xewndar99   1641d ago | Spam
Xi  +   1641d ago
really liked that note at the end stating you have to pay for specific elite services. I wonder which ones they're talking about...
AKissFromDaddy  +   1641d ago
Me too, lol.......trying to be SLICK.....
nightmarex121  +   1641d ago
This is total bs, seriously tell everyone not to pay this shitty ass subscription i don't want the gaming industry to head this direction.
FunAndGun  +   1641d ago
That SHOULD be something all gamers can get behind.
MeowMeow  +   1641d ago
Meow and DMO, also I like mudkips.
Brash_Attack  +   1641d ago
Der_Kommandant  +   1641d ago
They want more money?
ares21al  +   1641d ago
Ofcourse they do its Actvision, the home of the Microtransaction
Cwalk816  +   1641d ago
00   1641d ago | Immature | show | Replies(1)
zeal0us  +   1641d ago
by prizes they mean useless crap(new emblem or icon) that really won't benefit you in the long run. Funny how some of this stuff you can do/figure out yourself with the normal features.
Cwalk816  +   1641d ago
Huge clans like optic are going to win all the prizes anyway what's the point?
AngelusTacos  +   1641d ago
Here is another source for the trailer http://youtu.be/9Fgm99mrZF4
Armadilo  +   1641d ago
See you guys in Battlefield 3 I'm not a complete retard who feeds greedy Activision pigs
BlackKnight  +   1641d ago
I remember when the generation first started I was wanting gaming to be more popular.

Now I wish it wasn't.

-Kids insulting like mad on mics. Adults behaving just as bad.
-Subscription fees for service that were once free.
-Mods becoming less available and instead map packs that cost 1/6 to 1/4 the price of a full game.
-features being claimed as new or innovative but are just rehashes and a price slapped on it.

I almost didn't buy MW2, but never bought any map packs, didn't buy Blops, and definitely not supporting MW3 or this elite shit one bit. I am telling everyone how this is bad for gaming and how this needs to STOP.

TOO much of gaming is about money now.
xVeZx  +   1641d ago
the end was awesome....and only idiots will pay for this....
armycore  +   1641d ago
Here's another source for the video - http://www.youtube.com/watc...
jozzah  +   1641d ago
So its practically a paid version of Bnet......
Optical_Matrix  +   1641d ago
lol so a paid iteration of Bungie's service in their Halo games. What with the forge tools, community videos etc, I doubt this Call of Duty Elite, will be nearly as good. Absolute joke of a publisher.
Soldierone  +   1641d ago
Wtf this is official? Its funny....but this is how they are advertising it? I was kinda wondering why Black Ops was a pain in tracking stats, can you even track things by kills and so on like MW2?

If this is what you pay for then thats just sad...8 dollars a month just so you can check your stats? Wasn't Killzone 2's website features way more in depth and FREE? Everything it offers is completely free elsewhere. Even the rewards thing...Ubisoft has their Ubi Shop or whatever, you win REAL things for just playing their games.

A micro transaction copy cat of Battlefield Heroes or Ghost Recon Online would of been a way better idea.
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cuz660  +   1641d ago
I actually laughed at this video. Is that the guy from She's out of your league? Sounds just like him.
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