Will Wright: games are not stories

Sims creator pontificates on the differences between linear and interactive media.

Will Wright, creator of SimCity, the Sims and forthcoming open-ended evolution game Spore, gave the inaugural annual BAFTA Video Games lecture at an event in London last night.

Following on from Tuesday's Fellowship award at the BAFTA Video Games Awards, Wright spent half an hour expanding on the subject of linear versus interactive media, before spending some time answering general questions from the audience.

His argument dealt with the different roots of linear stories and interactive games, and the mistake people tend to make in thinking of the two in the same context.

"We first had books, then we had live theatre, we went to radio, movies, then television, and people have been interpreting games through this lens, as though they're the natural evolution to this."

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bootsielon4073d ago

You're potentially the best academic to ever grace videogames (I say academic because Miyamoto is the best man to ever happen to videogames, however he's not an academic). However, some games ARE indeed linear, and they're just as respectable as your games. So, they can, at some extent, be looked through the same lens as cinema, TV, books, and so on. At least some genres.

Metal Gear, Final Fantasy, Zelda, Mario RPGs, and so on have some storyline aspects that I love in games and that I hope never cease to exist. Besides, you can't have a completely dynamic game... it's just not practical.

batman2million4073d ago

I personally believe the videogames are THE BEST way to tell a story.

You want to just know the basic story, go for it. You wanna know more about the characters, the locations, weapons, etc- go explore, talk to people around. You don't just read, watch, listen to it, YOU LIVE THROUGH IT!

Gaming narrative is spectacular, the approaches one can take are limitless! Just look at Final Fantasy, Knights of the Old republic, Metal Gear, Chrono Trigger/Cross.

There are some many times I've played these games over and over just for the story alone.

Some of the greatest stories I've ever heard are from videogames!

iNcRiMiNaTi4073d ago

videogames are the evolution of stories

ok so maybe it started out as rock and chisel carving pctures and letters on stone, then ink/lead on paper, then the internet but as the world continues to evolve and technology grows, interactive story telling will be the next medium to tell stories on...and its playable! you control the story whcih makes it even more interesting...will wright hasnt really made a story driven game so its his opinion...his games are only simulations, good ones too, but they dont really follow a story