Sony says 07/08 PS3 sales may fall short of target

Tokyo, Oct 25 (Reuters) - Sony Corp said on Thursday its PlayStation 3 sales for this business year may fall slightly short of the targeted 11 million units.

But Sony said it would aim to turn its game business profitable in the 2008/09 business year.

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ravinash4071d ago

They are talking about the sales for this business year.
They think they can make that up in 08/09....not that sales will be short in 08/09.

JokesOnYou4071d ago

"Sony Corp said on Thursday its PlayStation 3 sales for this business year may fall slightly short of the targeted 11 million units."

They are referring to ps3 "unit" sales, or in other words total hardware sales, and yeah I would say sony will fall short of the targeted 11 mil units this business year, but I dont know if "slightly" is the right word.=


Real Gambler4071d ago

They are still selling their PS3 consoles at a loss! They are likely happy that they won't reach their unit objective this year, because the more PS3 they sell, the deeper in the red, the bottom line goes for the gaming division.

So, I'm guessing they won't make any profit on PS3s until third or fourth quarter of 2008 (bringing 2008 bottom line near 0). Lucky for us, they are making money of the games, PS2, PSP and so on, so that's why we can buy such a nice console for below cost of manufacturing. And sure enough, all other divisions are making money.

Now I'm still currently shopping for my second HDtv... Anybody knows if one manufacturer would sell those at below manufacturing cost???

Gamespot-equals-EGM4070d ago

If worldwide sales is now at about 6 million then they should be able to get close to 11 million by March '08. They'll probably get around 10.5 million by then. As stated by the article, slightly short of Sony's goal but not too far off.

SuperSaiyan44071d ago

Sell 11million by the end of this year unless they gave the PS3 another big price drop.

The PS3 is an absolute bargain as it is and the main reason it is selling well is because many who are looking to get a hdtv see the PS3 as the best option to go into getting a hd player i.e. an all in one.

But for gamers well we will see what happens as at the end of the day you cant always predict what people will buy we just have to sit back and wait for the figures.

The ps3 and the 360 are quite different in what they offer and to many av enthusiasts they might pick the ps3 soley for the hardware and the blu-ray player.

Captain Tuttle4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

This is a problem for gamers, I think. If people buy the PS3 as a Blu-Ray player they probably won't buy too many games. That lowers the attach rate and developers LOVE high attach rates. If the attach rate of the PS3 keeps hovering around 2-3 developers will stay away, especially when the 360 has an attach rate of 6-7. Why should they bother spending the time and money learning to program the Cell?

gnothe14071d ago

I dont know what made sony thing that they can sell more consoles in these last few MONTHS than they did all year. theres no way the can sell almost 6 million consoles by the years end or the march fiscal date.

season0074071d ago

i guess they are gonna get games right?
its not like the parents use it for movies and the kids can't use it for gaming

Fuzz McDeath4071d ago

...research shows that the vast majority of gamers are grown-up (18-34?) - so the scenario you describe is not common.

Keyser4070d ago

a friend of mine has as PS3 for movies and her son plays games on it. She may be in the minority but the circumstance that he described does occur.

sajj3164071d ago

Don't think they'll hit their sales target but they won't need to. Its all about momentum. Its just as important to leave the 07/08 fiscal year on an upswing.

We will all know for sure once the November sales numbers are out!

fredy4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

If that is not DAMAGE CONTROL
Then I don't know what is...

HAHAHA a company that do not need to hit their SALES TARGET...

We'll just have to wait and see..just as MS but saying they do not need to is popostrous.

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