1.3 million PS3's sold in Q2 2007

The company's operating loss in the game division increased because of "strategic pricing of PS3 at pints lower than its production cost." Overall hardware sales were up, and the division saw a 42.9 percent increase in sales thanks the PS3 and the redesigned PSP. PlayStation 2 sales remained steady.

Worldwide hardware unit sales (increase/decrease year-on-year)
PS2: 3.28 million units (a decrease of 0.13 million units)
PSP: 2.58 million units (an increase of 0.56 million units)
PS3: 1.31 million units

Software unit sales
PS2: 38.0 million units (a decrease of 9.2 million units)
PSP: 12.6 million units (a decrease of 0.6 million units)
PS3: 10.3

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GLoRyKnoT4068d ago

I will personally continue to raise these numbers! :)

Sony IS King!!

nix4068d ago

what's the total sale of PS3?

good thing too.

crck4068d ago

Its amazing how well that thing sells in its 7th year.

mesh14068d ago

HAHA NICE POST only lost 1 billion this year imagine what they lost last year its fun to read the comments on that link u gave, people hare hoping from this 1billion loss buy sony this year they may scrap the ps3 division and lets not forgot the cheaper p[s3 are not yet on sale imagine the loss if that was also added ? more. like 2billion

Vojkan4068d ago

actually loss is lower that many expected. Microsoft is 5 billion in red just on first Xbox and additional 2 billion loss on 360 so far. So zero profit since Microsoft entered in console industry

mesh14068d ago

well i se proof that sony has lost 1 billion this year and mroe last year but none saying microsfot lost 2billion +) it lost 1 billion from console returns and has 7 million more consoles than sony on the next gen front so keep lieing to ur self +)

supermandead6664068d ago

You make it sound like MS is not losing money on hardware sale, losing money on hardware is typical unless u r Nintendo, and BTW SONY don't have to spend over $1 billion on repairing console. HAHAHAHAH?

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The story is too old to be commented.