Possible Wii 2 Specs Revealed?

Gamertag Radio writes: "An internal document from Nintendo has surfaced on the Internet highlighting the hardware specs of the new Nintendo “Project Cafe” device otherwise known as the Wii HD or Wii 2."

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Seijoru2271d ago

If this is real then holy hell! Blu-ray plus a 4-core 3.2ghz processor? 1.5gb of RAM? .5gb of which is XDR2?

vulcanproject2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

Also Radeon R770 = Radeon 48xx series, @ 766mhz, that basically means a mildly overclocked Radeon 4870 (750mhz stock) most likely.

This type of machine would be approx 4 times as fast as 360 and PS3. It would be enough to knock out better visuals in 1080p resolutions than either existing HD console could do in just 720p. Thing is, it states 16mb eDRAM. That would only actually be enough for a 1280 x 720 framebuffer if that is its intended use. This might be an early indication that the target res of games is 720p, however 1GB of Vram would be more than enough for 1080p.

This is a fairly powerful machine. However expect even more from PS4/360 replacement. Already a Radeon 6870 is twice as fast as a Radeon 4870, and its not even high end.

Saying that, this means this machine will not be excessively expensive to manufacture- its plenty faster than the existing crop, but some way short of bleeding edge tech. It'll never come in at original wii prices, but its possible it might not be all that much more expensive than a PS3.

Wenis2271d ago

Sounds too good to be true unfortunately... although I would love it to be true.

egidem2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

This is one hell of an expensive device. I hope that there won't be any problems, especially looking at how small the packaging is.

We don't know for sure whether these are the final specs. Here's for E3 to find out what lies inside this beast!

TOO PAWNED2271d ago

I am not impressed tbh. Bigger leap was needed. Just imagine PS4 and nextbox spec in next 2 years.

Funny thing is that now Nintendo will pay to Sony on every BR disc sold lol

malamdra2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

don't forget that:

-the NES was more powerful than the Master System
-Super NES was more powerful than Mega Drive
-Nintendo 64 was more powerful than PS1 and Saturn
-Gamecube was more powerful than PS2 (not sure about the Xbox)

in 5 out of 6 generations they were the ones with the best hardware, it would be no surprise if this is true

Too_many_games2271d ago

@malamdra The Gamecube was not more powerful then the Xbox

NatureOfLogic2271d ago

If this is true, I will buy.

sikbeta2271d ago

It can be legit, Idk, all that stuff together sounds expensive, also "Media – Custom Bluray" this a N workaround to not pay Blu-Ray royalties to Sony? who knows, better wait for E3...

ASTAROTH2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

At MALAMDRA... arent you too young to be talking about NES and SNES vs Master System and GENESIS?. Go play the games first.

The NES wasnt as powerfull as the MASTER SYSTEM. The power that time was counted in the faster processor, sprite and colors on screen. Also sound. In all of these the Master System excells the NES. The SNES has more colors and better GFX than the GENESIS but a slower processor.

The GAMECUBE had more features in the GFX than the PS2 like better handling in lightning and textures. The XBOX in the other was the most powerfull console of the last gen. XBOX vixuals in some games..(Conker, NGB, Halo 2) can still compete with 360 and PS3 first gen of games.

The Wii in the other hand is a downgrade in graphics from what the GAMECUBE was. Don believe?? Play Residen Evil 4 on Wii vs GC...or Okami Wii vs PS2 version. NINTENDO cheated their fanbase with the Wii and I demand the Wii 2 or whatever they call it, to have better visuals than both the PS3 and 360. I also demand more 3rd party support. Something thats going to make or brake the next gen Wii is the 3rd party support. . . I could see and incredible looking console with only First party games because 3rd party games dont sell as much... want an example?? Go check CAPCOM financials and their desision to downgrade their support to NINTENDOS consoles...

It will be an interesting NEXT gen!!!

Peaceful_Jelly2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

A Radeon 4870 has around 800 unified pipelines (stream processor) and that's crazy powerful for a console!!! Compared to the PS3 with only 24 and the Xbox 48 these consoles are underpowered as hell!

With this plus console optimizations we could expect Crysis level of graphics running at 1080p/60fps like if it were nothing. And this is why I don't think these specs are real... They are too good.

Sarcasm2271d ago

1GB of VRAM sounds good to me.

But I say people shouldn't expect too much.

Active Reload2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

This looks rather promising if true and has made my day! That 512mb main RAM, I'm assuming thats used significantly for the OS? If so, then I can see Nintendo brining back a beefed up window lookin format for the interface adding an App store. This system is definitely looking to aim it's sight to the 3rd party core game devs. I'm wondering what Nintendo will deliver in games that will make use of all that power, or will they just let 3rd party devs have fun with it--kinda like what MS does. No matter what, we should be seeing 60fps 1080p graphics with nothing really at all being gimped.

Computersaysno2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

This is how fast a 4870 can be. Maximal settings on Dead space and Fallout 3, good examples because they are both on current consoles and they both run 1280 x 720 @ 30 frames a second.

As you can see, 4870 has no problems running these games @ 2560 x 1600 better than present machines.

2560 x 1600 is 4 and 1/2 times more resolution than 1280 x 720. Still runs better on that GPU. Howzat.

Anything on PS3 and 360 would be able to run 1080/60 on a machine of this spec without problems, and with performance to spare.

I am not sure why peeps think these specs are too good, when the GPU is 3 years old now. A Radeon 4870 is not a fast GPU by 2011 standards, it aint expensive either. A 5770 is teeny bit faster and they costs like £70/$100 at retail money. Much cheaper than that to make obviously

kneon2271d ago


They have already been paying Sony for DVD. Sony has been part of the patent pool for Bluray, DVD and CD.

Panasonic, Philips and Sony own most of the core IP for all these formats.

iamnsuperman2271d ago

I call bull from what we are shown. Doesn't really look like an official document leaked and the website is kinda random. It is more of a wish list. Everyone wait till E3 or you most probably be disappointed.

AWBrawler2271d ago

Are you smoking crack?
How is Wii a Downgrade?
Name me one Gamecube game that looks as good as Mario Galaxy, Metroid Corruption, Last Story, or even Prince of Persia.

Who the heck would believe that lie?

AdvanceWarsSgt2271d ago

Actually vulcanproject, I would caution your optimism for higher end tech in the PS4/720.

I'm not saying that MS and Sony won't push for the graphical envelope, but don't expect to see the same jump in visuals/performance like we did with the PS2 to PS3 and XBox to 360. I highly doubt that either would want to push a console out for release that they don't make money off of from day 1.

Theonetheonly2271d ago

i have a radeon 6970 and trust me it MURDERS my 5750. but it was way cheaper than the gtx580, almost guaranteeing that this cafe machine will be affordable!

can you imagine what this would do to the market if released q3 2012 it would turn it on its head!

Theonetheonly2271d ago

@peaceful jelly :)

the cost of hardware has come down significantly in the last 5 years. so I am pretty sure this is workable. even in the small box it comes in.

everything has moved far beyond the current so something between current consoles and current state of the art can be had for avg console launch price 399-499

Venox20082270d ago

@Too_many_games oh yes, gamecube WAS more powerful that xbox.. just look at gamecube's exclusives.. (multiplats were same as PS2 quality, but exclusives had best graphics..)

just look at: RE4, RE:zero, RE:make, Luigi's mansion, metroid primes, super mario:sunshine, pikmin and others :)

the_best_player2270d ago

"Name me one Gamecube game that looks as good as Mario Galaxy"

Resident Evil 0 and 1

vulcanproject2270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )

I think it is likely PS4 and the Next xbox will be quite a lot faster than this, as they are more likely to launch right at the end of 2012, or even later. By the time we get to that point, even 6970 and GTX580 will not be any better than midrange performance. You can be absolutely certain of that.

As i said, a 4870 is only about half as fast as a 6870. It was new way back in mid 2008. 6870 itself is only midrange currently. 4870 level of performance isn't anything spectacular or new or expensive. Its pretty damn cheap now. It was less than 1 billion transistors, which is nothing these days for a GPU.

What it is though is quite a lot faster than what 360/PS3 have now, which is all Nintendo probably care about. 4870 is a fair leap over the current machines. Not massive, but enough that you would notice without even having them side by side to compare. You would know.

I think they could price it for maybe £300/$400 at most, it kinda depends what they might have up their sleeve with the controllers and if they are packed full of tech too then the costs will rise further. Nintendo might decide to take a hit on each machine to get them sold quick, it wouldn't be quite as bad a hit as sony took with PS3 initially.

Ju2270d ago

Could work. If true, this is a quite mighty little machine. Power6 is the logical merge with the Power series and the G3 line CPUs (higher frequency and better power management with the superior architecture of the Power series). I am impressed if IBM can make an embedded version of the Power6. If they do, and put 4 cores in, that is one powerful CPU in a console. i7 level powerful, I suppose. 512MB is enough to execute code, most data will be stored in the VRAM anyway, an 1G is quite nice. I will be even more impressed if they can sell this <$300. SW remains to be seen, I might as well get another Nintendo console next year...

jeseth2270d ago

This does look promising ... can't wait for E3 to see if more comes out. Not holding my breath though, Nintendo doesn't usually have the best hardware.


If this is Nintendo's next machine . . . can you imagine what the next Playstation or Xbox will be loaded with!?


catguykyou2270d ago


Sony is a part of the consortium that backs DVDS and thus collects royalties for them as well. MS is already paying royalties for the media being used. Why would it matter if they went BlueRay in the future?
The original XBOX tried to get around this issue by making DVD playback only available if you bought the DVD remote for the system. The money used for selling the remote was used to pay the royalty fee.

Domer252270d ago

Problem is IF they do use screens in their controllers, this console will be over $350(with these specs).

ABizzel12270d ago

Definitely a huge improvement over the Wii, and a great boost over the current consoles if true.

At first I wasn't that impressed considering what is available right now, and what I expect from MS and Sony. But to be honest this is perfect for Nintendo, and even better than I initially thought they would do.

Check my previous thoughts here

That being said their new console isn't going to be a big hit with the casual right off the back for one reason. It's going to be expensive. In 2006 when you were faced with a $500 - $600 PS3, and a $400 - $500 Xbox 360, the Wii's $250 price point was just too good to pass up for casual gamers.

The 3DS cost $250 (I still think it's overpriced), so a console with this much in it has to retail for at least $350 - $400, unless Nintendo takes a loss early on, but Nintendo has the Apple stigma of overcharging for their products (so it's not hitting $250).

People complained about how they don't want the Wii 2/Cafe to be a slightly more powerful 360/PS3, but these specs. aren't just slightly more powerful this is a step up over what we're currently playing. Now I'm sure the Xbox 720 and PS4 will be leaps above this gen, but the Wii 2 is here NOW, while they're 1 - 3 years off.

Nintendo is in a prime position to stick it to MS and Sony, because now they have a console that can run the same 3rd party games that the PS3 and 360 have (up until they get dropped once the PS4 and 720 launch), as well as their exclusives to establish a broad library of games something Nintendo has never had (be honest they lack great FPS, great TPS, great Action-Adventure, great Racing games) they may have 1 or 2, but nothing compared to the competition. And the big kicker is that you can get all of this for slightly more than a PS3. Nintendo is in a good spot, regardless of what the analysis or other theorist say.

I'm happy for them, because the Wii left a bitter taste in my mouth. This is the one time I believe that 3rd parties will actually support Nintendo even if it's just until the PS4/720 launch.

AWBrawler2269d ago

RE 0 and 1 are different art styles than Galaxy, a more fair representation would be RE Darkside Chronicles vs RE 0 and 1.

Also CoD reflex on Wii is better looking than those two

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sdtarm2271d ago

I dont think nintendo is gonna enter to the market with something so powerful and therefore expensive,

also didnt ninty say that they wouldnt include HDD yet? or something like that

Shaman2271d ago

Actually,quad core for console(size matters ;) ) is not so expensive as it was 5 years ago.1.5 gig of ram is also cheap and 48xx cards are nothing to brag about in todays PC world.You got to understand that 360 and PS3,when they came out,had everything top of the class except memory so this really shouldn't go above 400$.

TheDivine2271d ago

Nintendo has acually always had the more powerful console until this gen when they went cheap w gimmicks. Anyone who says nin goes cheap or doesnt do power must have started gaming this gen, the n64 was twice as powerful as the playstation and gamecube was more powerful than ps2 but the least powerful console last gen sold the most, the ps2 so nintendo did that and guess what, sold the most for the most money. Now nintendo is in the best position to get all the support for the new gen and steal ms and sonys thunder.