GTA IV and the Truth about Episodic Content

Gameplayer goes in-depth on the concept of episodic gaming, looking at why it has failed in the past, how it may succeed in the future and what it will mean for gaming as a whole. This feature includes interviews.

"Further episodes of SiN are on indefinite hiatus. The grand total of episodes squeezed out before the shitstorm hit? Precisely one. Even worse, the death hardly sparked an outpouring of national grief; it just muddied the reputation of episodes that little bit more. So that's another couple of pitfalls – development companies aren't immortal, and the game has to be great. Otherwise the developers are asking for loyalty and patience towards something that doesn't really deserve it. Has anyone actually got it right yet?"

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Charlie26883920d ago

Episodic gaming so far has been broken to the EXTREME

I mean Valve said that the HL2 episodes would come out every 6 months and you know what REALLY happened

Sin episodes?....(crickets)....

hell probably the ONLY one that did good was Sam and Max

Vojkan3920d ago

Episodic gaming is ultimate way for developers to take more money away from you. I think it blows if you pay 60USD for a "full game" and then few months later there is this "downloadable content" that they recently made, its not something that they pulled from full game just so they can squeeze more money from you, noooo....hell no, that would be nasty, wouldn't it?!

mesh13920d ago

to the above ps3 fans a song "ur all alone ""o yess ur all alone""

jaja14343920d ago

Why are they PS3 fans? Because they make good points as to why Episodic Content has been horribly implemented?

SKUD3920d ago

That made NO sense at all.

YoMeViet3920d ago (Edited 3920d ago )

I really wish mesh1 would make sense sometimes, I seriously have a hard time understanding what he types...
Episodic gaming is not so bad, it really depends on the games though. Like HL, which I kind of enjoy a bit but it does suck my wallet dry.

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