Blazblue Deciphered:The Final Endings

GameXplain Says: "Blazblue: Calamity Trigger's plot may be so complex that many didn't fully understand what was going on, but it is also so unique that, when deciphered, it can't help but be incredibly interesting. Continuum Shift II promises to continue and expand these characters stories and introduce new ones in a tale that is looking equally as strong though far less confusing, as long as you are aware of many of the details outlined here. I understand that I have not explained every term such as Murakumo Unit, but the games themselves haven’t adequately explained them yet. Besides, I shouldn’t spoil everything about the game for newcomers. Believe me when I say that Coninuum Shift is much easier to understand, especially when equipped with the expanded knowledge of the first game that this article provides. It is my sincere hope that I have inspired some of you to check out this truly awesome series."

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Dash Reindeer2759d ago

I think this series is finally starting to make some sense...

Redempteur2758d ago

Well if you paid attention everythi ng was clearly explained in the story .
MOre info and the LORE were avalable in teh TEACH ME LITCHI SENSEI

in short everything was there

newsguy2758d ago

the best fighting franchise of all time!

CrescentFang2758d ago

Wow, I knew I got some of it, but you just cleared up mostly ever question I had (though I have yet to play continuum shift yet...)

Eternalb2758d ago

It cleared some things up for me too. As much as I enjoyed the story I found myself skipping stuff to get to the action.

If you have more questions I'd say leave them on the actual page, as I am only the messenger of these articles and not the writer.

Sunhammer2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

BB is the only fighting game that was actually able to keep me interested in the characters, and therefore the overall story. Incredibly polished, very well written dialogue, memorable characters, everything about this game was perfect.

Edit: I've yet to play Continuum Shift but this really made me want to.

Enigma_20992758d ago

Litchi Faye Ling is a dumb***. After getting her endings, my sympathy level for her went from zero to s***.

You did WHAT to help WHO?!?!?

Redempteur2758d ago

it's love ... she is desperate to save "him" and teh corruption from the boundary didn't help.

The solution she found at the end of continium shift is most likely not perfect so she 'll probably need lot of help

Enigma_20992758d ago

It's love... and as we all know, love makes you do REALLY STUPID THINGS.

Considering what her new "friends" have done, she REALLY thinks that was the right decision...

You d*** right it wasn't perfect, and the way you're trying to make excuses for her F******* DUMB solution is just sad. It would have been more merciful to just kill him... LIKE HE ASKED HER TO DO. Which, now that you think about it, also makes her SELFISH. She's practically as bad as Peter Parker!!

Redempteur2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

Calm down .

i'm not making escuses , i'm just stated the obvious reason for her actions .

Litchi quitted kokonoa's lab and sector seven for ONE purpose ..and you expect that she just give up ? you've hit a HARD wall and some guy ( evil or not ) just gives her a path toward completing this goal. She is perfectly aware that hazama is evil .. but as shown several times already ..she is out of options that's why she even choose to write to kokonoe when she had decided not to .

Litchi story isn't perfect and she like all other characters will have drastic changes next time we see them .

Yes she is acting like an idiot , but she just refuses to just let all this time looking for a way go to waste.. AND BESIDES as shown in calamity trigger , killing arakune isn't the right answer it's a perfectly gameover for BOTH.

JeepGamer2753d ago

There is no 'reason' behind her actions. Arakune is beyond help even if he wasn't also attacking and devouring completely innocent people.

Litchi is so far beyond stupid at this point that it's not even understandable.

There comes a point when 'sob sob but I have to save him!' actually makes her almost as responsible for his actions as he is. She can't do anything about what Arakune became and doesn't have the courage to own up to the fact that killing him is not only justified, but probably the best thing that could happen to him at this point. No, instead she continues to let him persist in that horrific state because of her own cowardice and inability to let go.

And all of that is before she decides that in spite of everything, joining up with the bad guys is her 'best' option. Her actions are not 'for' Arakune, they are for herself.

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