Hacking Group: "It's The Beginning Of The End For Sony", Promises More Hacks Soon

LulzSec, which had previouslyhacked Sony BMG’s Japanese website (according to Forbes) has promised more attacks against Sony and claimed that this is the beginning of the end for Sony.

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Kran2551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

In other words, theyre saying:

"We're doing to be selfish d**ks and ruin the gaming experience for millions of PSN users. We dont give a damn about any of you. If you wanted a good online service, you should have got a 360. Haha. Nah that'll be hacked too before long. Hacking the PSN is so fun, listing to millions of people cry. Hackers rule because we have more freedom."

Seriously though. Why? WHERE IS THE FUN IN RUINING EXPERIENCE FOR OTHER PEOPLE? If i went and hacked their future weddings (if thats possible), i bet they wouldnt be pleased.

Hands Up For Games2551d ago

You actually think any of these hackers get laid?!?!?!

Nevermind getting married ;-)

OT, I think Sony know they dropped the ball, PSN, when its up and running properly will be harder to get into than Fort Knox!

tehpees32551d ago

it will take more than threats and hacking to bring down Sony. I guess these hackers have nothing better to do

Mr Patriot2551d ago Show
2551d ago
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DeadIIIRed2551d ago

They marry each other. That's why they live in California.

ninjagoat2551d ago

hackers are pissed of girls that can't get there boyfriends away from the Tv.

GMWPS32551d ago

Are they (Hackers) serious!?!? I mean come on now. What the hell is up with them. This looks more and more like a personal vendetta. Either someone Sony fired, or from a competing company. It's just getting so ridiculous that it isn't funny. Is Sony so bad that they want to bring it down. If the hackers want to do something useful, how about helping people find jobs, or helping fight organized crime, etc. I mean really is Sony what is wrong with the world. Microsft has had it easy. I'd have thought having RROD or even to pay for Live would get hackers up in arms. I guess those are all acceptable in their books.

Storm232551d ago

Ok...we all hate hackers...they are ridiculously stupid *ssholes. I agree. But come on guys. Because they are ridiculously stupid * insult gay people by comparing hackers to them? Really?

Hackers are awful people. Gay people are not.

Grow up. It's 2011.

Joe29112551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

Sony are getting attacked left right and center, because they went to a fight against hackers. And now they and their consumers (me being one) are getting fucked.

I'm pretty sure hackers will be able to crack Sony's new system, no system is impenetrable.

@Storm, well said + bubbles.

Gen0ne2551d ago

@storm23: Bubbles my friend. I dig your style. +1

FunAndGun2551d ago

Mr Patriot

I hear you're a HUGE hacker.

call me!

Dee_912551d ago

Haha what a bunch of dumbasses
I love the arrogance from these hackers
Its gonna be so funny when they get caught

GrandTheftZamboni2551d ago

These mofos are gonna give a reason to legal systems to tighten the control of the Internet. Imagine countries harbouring cyber terrorists being cut off from the Internet for the starters.

zag2551d ago

Sony would be pretty well locked up by now.

Hacking now would just mean everything you do you'd get logged.

People will be found if not already.

Focker4202551d ago

I'm getting really sick of this bullsh*t. I just can't understand the motivation to destroy something that millions of people enjoy. It just baffles me that instead of doing something productive they spend their time screwing over other people that are just trying to have a little fun.

sikbeta2551d ago

I thought this crap was over, I mean what is the freaking point of ruining something good for everyone else? they don't have anything better and or constructive to do with their lives? just stop already!

kneon2551d ago

If they ever actually succeeded in inflicting long lasting damage to a company the size of Sony then they will have gotten the attention of governments the world over.

That could ultimately lead to the end of the anonymous internet. Every ISP could require you to log in before you could access anything. Governments could then start issuing smart cards and require 2 or 3 factor authentication before you could access anything.

What would the hackers do then? They'd probably curl up into a ball and die as their only source of self worth would be all but gone.

inveni02551d ago

They may be able to hack Sony's new system, but I can guarantee they won't be able to do it anonymously. I'm sure Sony has plans to shut down any connections it can't validate as authentic. And the connections it does take will be traced like the pages of a nudie mag.

jeseth2551d ago

These kids/losers/grown men should get curb stomped, American History X style.

AliTheBrit4202551d ago

Yes I'm sure plenty get laid, assuming hackers never get laid is about as relevant as assuming gamers who spend way too much time on a website talking about games dont get laid....

Dee_912551d ago

@ everyone asking why would they ruin the fun for everyone else
Its simple .. THEY DONT CARE
So you add not caring about people and the anger they got towards Sony innocent people will suffer alot ..

MintBerryCrunch2551d ago

say good bye to free internet ladies and gentlemen, if this isnt an argument for corporations to push a bill through US Congress to limit what we can do with our internet connections, then i dont know what is...the problem is that these hackers are hard to find, we are the collateral damage...its really pathetic seeing this pissing contest unfold between these jackasses...all because they need to overcompensate for their small penises

MmaFan-Qc2551d ago

"It's The Beginning Of The End For Sony", Promises More Hacks Soon......

shallow statement is shallow

xabmol2551d ago

The PSN is just collateral damage in the war against corporations.

Not saying that I agree with the tactics, but this sort of thing will continue and spread to other corps in the coming years.


badz1492551d ago

F*** YOU HACKERS! Oh, that's 3 words! GO TO HELL SCUM! And that's 4!

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rjdofu2551d ago

If they go any further than this ( i.e. actual attempt to bring down Son again), i'm sure quite a few millions people will hunt their necks.

ZombieNinjaPanda2551d ago

Like holy shit are you guys done saying shit about hackers?

Hackers aren't bad people. They just mess around with electronics and optimize them and do whatever else they want for them.

These people that want to "bring about the end of sony" are completely different people. Chill out.

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zag2551d ago

They more people these hackers piss off the larger the group becomes when you piss off a large enough group they can turn on you.

Look at Anonymous's own IRC servers they all got shut down simply using the very same thing they do to other people's websites.

If a million separate people simply logged into their IRC servers and always did stuff they would have to shut them down.

If another group comes in the group bcomes larger and you simply keep the anonymous servers shut down.

Anonymous will whinge and complain but who cares right because it's only about the lulz after all and really should love it.

XeNoStRatoS2551d ago Show
jjohan352551d ago

I don't understand why these hackers don't do something more useful like take down the intelligence network or financial system of oppressive governments or something.

Get a life dude.

Blackdeath_6632551d ago

as hackers they should know the solid rule for hacking: dont get too greedy or youll get caught. many bank hackers only get caught because they hacked a second time. if they hack again its not gonna be good for anyone.

Fat Bastard2550d ago

Holy shit, this site is more fucking liberal than obama's fucking house. Grow a pair and stop bitching about the word faggot

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Horny Melon2551d ago

Yeah well the same could be said about much thinking do you do about the kids/people working and dying in the rare metal miness or thedeplorable working conditions in factories that make all the neat technologies you own?

zgoldenlionz2551d ago

lol i hope your being sarcastic. if not its still a bit funny.

BubbleSniper2551d ago

what are YOU doing to prevent that from happening, "Horny Melon" ?

Nothing? Ok.

timzone2551d ago

If we stopped buying those rare metals etc then what would happen to those societies? Without massive amounts of aid(Trillions of $$) that is unfortunately the only way all those nations develop. Kind of sucks but that is evolution. They all work in those factories because either they or their parents know this.

JellyJelly2551d ago

I'm quitting my job and moving to Libya to teach orphans how to read and write, work as a human shield and overthrow evil tobacco companies. Right after I finish L.A Noir.

CardboardGun2551d ago

Jeez guys.. Honestly.. When they have such a powerful network of individuals with an amazing understanding of computer technology, coding and networks, a true gift in more than a few instances - how about using just that energy towards something useful? If they could actually focus it towards taking down ACTUAL bad guys, it would be really interesting to see the results. And don't come draggin with the silly old "I should quit my dayjob"-BS. These people are gifted, and have already shown their potential, though not towards something of actual interest/constructive. Ball is in your court hackers. Give it a spin.

AtomicGerbil2551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

@Horny Melon
While it is terrible, would you prefer they didn't have jobs?

ravinash2550d ago

@ CardboardGun

Gifted, I don't think so.
Most of the information on how to do this can be found on the internet.
Most of these people are just youngsters that tow the line and think their clever for it.
Think about it. Most people when they get past a certain age will start to focus on what’s important in life like career, family or a purpose.
How many of them think that purpose would be hacking into a gaming system.

A lot of these hackers seem to come and go, but I never see any of them turn up years later with something to change the world for the better.

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UnbiasedGamer2551d ago

Oh thanks hackers for ruining the fun of millions you dirtbags.

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Oxymoron0282551d ago Show

A hacker isnt what a hacker once was.

--------2551d ago

Hacking used to mean "not being afraid to break something in order to make it better"

Now it's just "not being afraid to break something in order to ruin the fun of millions"


MarkusMcNugen2551d ago

If some of you actually wanted to learn more about hackers instead of just calling every one a bad person, read the above link. Its a top 10 of some of the more famous hackers. Notice how theirs two lists, White Hats, and Black Hats.

Without the white hat hackers, the black hats would take the internet and hack all the corporations. Do some research before you all start shouting off they arent what they use to be, or that all hackers are stupid evil little teenagers. Its a big business that makes lots of money.

Have non of you heard of DEF CON?

Its almost always been this way. All technology has always gone both ways. It can be used for good, or evil.


a hacker was a hacker and a cracker was a cracker. polly

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CryofSilence2551d ago ShowReplies(2)
Allelujah002551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

Can somebody explain to me why Sony can't just track this guys twitter account arrest the man behind him through the CIA or FBI and be done with it? Or just track the users on Anonymous website and be done with it? Cyber terrorism is a federal offense and if my memory serves right it's a 10 year offense too depending on the severity they could earn up to 15 right?

It seems like the easiest option but it hasn't been done can somebody with better knowledge of this explain this to me.


thor2551d ago

When you use the internet there is no DNA fingerprint, no CCTV footage, nothing to link you to the crime. Every computer has an IP address, yes, and in theory if every node on the internet kept a record of every packet sent and received and to where, you could track every hack back to an individual computer. (Of course this doesn't happen, there are numerous proxy sites and VPNs which can encrypt traffic and do not record any data).

But even if you could track a hack down to an individual computer, there is nothing to tie it to an individual in general. It could be a computer in a library or internet cafe (the payphones of the digital age). E-mail addresses used to register accounts will be free ones created with false info.

The anonymity of the internet is a huge problem because our law enforcement and jusice frameworks cannot deal with it easily. Spam is still a huge problem, scam websites a huge problem, hacking a huge problem. And as soon as one hacker makes himself known, he's targeted, and then the criminals strike back anonymously. It is completely unclear to me how we can stop this whilst retaining net neutrality.

IcarusOne2550d ago

My favorite part of the article: " strongly recommends its users to support Sony during these tough times for the company."

As if Sony needs your support. This isn't a family member in the hospital. It's a corporation that would hang all of us out to dry if the profits were right.

jerethdagryphon2551d ago

go away hackers they seem to think that sony will just give up a multi billion dollar company CANT thell continue to try and alter things

its a stupid pointless thing we need hackers to hack the hackers

User-Name2551d ago

Other people are just collateral damage. Just like innocent civilians getting killed in American bombing and poisoned by depleted uranium for decades after America bombs them in order to "bring freedom".

Now hackers are "bringing freedom" to the digital world, fighting companies who sue smart kids. There are better ways to fight piracy. Just like Gaddafi could find a better way to fight protesters.

Violence breeds violence.

Petro2551d ago Show
Legion2551d ago


Personal attacks are against forum policy.

BABY-JEDI2551d ago Show
Petro2550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

I still cant decide if your being sarcastic or not.

Anyway only way to fight against company who's policies you don't agree with or just don't like their products, is to not buy their products!

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metsgaming2551d ago

there is a very special level of hell for hackers.

Daver2551d ago

I give them only few days if they decide to hack the PSN again.. They will get caught by FBI..
The only thing that it will do is that Sony will be force to make the service a paid service and all because of those dumba**

alex33692551d ago

well the people who hacked the psn never got caught so i would put my money against sony and a private investigation firm.

Daver2551d ago

yea but theres more security now and FBI is probably still investigating it

ElementX2551d ago

Hack a wedding? LOL, the comments people come up with.

finbars752551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

All I have to say what a bunch of lowlife cowards.all they know how to do is sit behind a computer desk in there parents basement at the age of 40 because they will never be accepted i'n public because of shit like this.your only ruining your life by doing this not ours.hack i'n all they want and see what consequences are to follow douche bags.

M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L2551d ago

These bastards need to be hunted down, period, end of story. I don't give a damn what issues they have with Sony but don't drag gamers into this sh*t. That's what pisses me off the most.

B-B-But they fightin' for our right!

Fighting for rights my ***. They're criminals.

MagicGamer2551d ago

Everyone was warned by a article that was posted here on N4G a couple of days ago but was moved to the other boiler room site.

Now it's coming out.

MagicGamer2551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

They are going to keep at Sony just for the prize of saying We got Sony. Idiots will get caught this time.

kikizoo2551d ago

They have tons of really huge bastards over the world to piss off, but no, the "just cause" is the evil sony, who entertain millions of gamers since decades...

what a bunch of donkeys.

showtimefolks2551d ago ShowReplies(4)
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solar2551d ago ShowReplies(5)
firetaw2551d ago

you havnt been bullied in high school at all then i take it. some people just like to take advantage of others or takes pleasure just by making others suffer. although most nerds bully for pay back for being bullied so there sense of justices is warped or corrupted.
there is no hacker in the world that has learned the lesson " Live and Let Live"

pixelsword2551d ago ShowReplies(1)
lil Titan2551d ago

i hate them...that is all

frostyhat1232551d ago

I feel bad for the Ps3 guys! Myself as a 360 gamer is wondering what good will come from hacking PSN again.

AuToFiRE2551d ago

like come on, what has sony done? they create reliable hardware across many fields and great games to go with the ps3. if the attacks should be against anyone it should be oil companies, governments, microsoft and apple even. look at microsoft for instnace, you are all getting shafted by them, they cant even create software

Legion2551d ago

Really??? You just tried to make a point that Sony shouldn't be hacked but Microsoft should??? That's like saying you don't believe in the death penalty and that the Warden should instead be put to death. Or you feel that abortion is a sin so we should kill all abortion doctors.

Your thinking is just wrong.

derek2551d ago

I wouldn't worry about it, any "group" foolish enough to brag about what constitutes committing a crime will eventually screw up. The first hack of the psn got the attention of international crime fighting agencies like the fbi who all have a vested interest in locating wherever these attacks are originating from. Ensuring the PSN is secure and that those would be hackers are found out isnot a Sony only venture there are other parties involved now.