Kojima Rallies Past Metal Gear Solid Talent for New Title

You’re probably still crying about the news that Hideo Kojima won’t be at this year’s E3, but recent tweets from the game-god might help you dry away your tears – Kojima has begun recording for his new game… with voice actors from previous Metal Gear Solid games.

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DA_SHREDDER1800d ago

If its not ZOE than I dont give a hoot. And i totally give up on Kojima.

tehpees31800d ago

"You’re probably still crying about the news that Hideo Kojima won’t be at this year’s E3"

no because he will be there. he is trolling :P

ksense1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

I think Sony and Konami rejected the new project that Kojima was working on and told him to do something metal gear related as that was what the majority of his fans wanted. this is my guess obviously.

Also they are probably doing actual cutscenes and hence they probably need some voice over so they got back the crew that worked on peacewalker from the looks of it.

PirateThom1800d ago

Firstly, why would Sony have any say?

Secondly, he's currently Vice President of Konami Digital Entertainment, he has pretty much free reign of his games since Kojima Productions formed... do you think anyone told him he had to make a MGS game?

LocO_o1800d ago

@ksence - You might have a point and his tweet where he stated that he was working on something for 1 year for nothing might have something to do with this.

@Pirate - Kojima is VP but the share holders of Konami have more say than him as they pay his salary. If Kojima want to work on a new IP he would have to get approval from the hire ups first and if the hire ups feel like the MGS series is the hot thing right now then thats what they will choose instead of taking a gamble on a new IP.

MoDyDo1800d ago

It might be MGS: Peace Walker for PS3 or NGP cuz all of the guys in the pic were voice actors in it, I really hope so, though it doesn't make sense unless they do a whole new script, whatever I just hope it's something cool :)

smashman981800d ago


while the shareholders do have a say in what konami out puts kojima having his own studio can in fact do whatever the hell he wants if konami wont approve he knows for a fact someone else will to top that off he's kojima konami knows all he has to do is say im making this game and theyll back him up

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MysticStrummer1800d ago

If it is ZOE then I don't give a hoot. I won't give up on Kojima though.

BeOneWithTheGun1800d ago

I would shit green egg rolls if a new ZOE was announced.

cyborg1800d ago

an MGS: Peace Walker remake for PS3 is in order? Sure looks like that way.

Jio1799d ago

Since Peace Walker takes place before the original 2D Metal Gear, I hope they remake that/sequel to peace walker :D This is probably the case, because characters from peace walker could play roles, and Solid Snake was in Metal Gear as the rookie.

user94220771800d ago

Please be Peace walker for PS3.

halocursed1800d ago

Isn't that pretty much rumored to be in development?

T3MPL3TON 1800d ago

@Halocursed; Yeah it was already confirmed.

I'm hoping the new game is ZoE: 3

doctorstrange1800d ago

Want that, and a new MGS, oh and ZOE, and a new IP, ooo and snatcher

NYC_Gamer1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

i love the MGS franchise but its time for him to prove himself with something fresh

Lirky1800d ago

So this confirms another mgs game, also kojima cant go to e3 since hes pretty occupied with the new mgs game. I think he would of revealed some of it if production was mid-way for the title.

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