Unreal Tournament 3 Beta Impressions + 19 Screens on 25th October publishes an impression of the Unreal Tournament 3 beta. The hands-on preview contains five pages or sections:

1. Introduction
2. Handling
3. Vehicles
4. Graphics
5. PhysX and Conclusion reports that game will be coming out on the PC in late 2007, PS3 in early 2008 and Xbox 360 in mid 2008.

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mighty_douche4068d ago

for a week or 2 and im loving it. notice alot of complaints about the gameplay staying the same, which to be honest i dont understand as UT has had the gameplay buttoned down for years, and if it aint broke dont fix it.
its gonna be interesting how much of the speed they have to drop to get it to work on the consoles, as long as it keeps the over all feel of UT this should be a huge hit for the consoles, its just an ARCADE FPS at its best.
IMO this game has much more pick up and play than halo or CoD4, no respawn time, no need to worry about death count, just hit fire and your in, its great fun.
Frags to the left of me, Frags to the right of me, Frags infront of me,....

kss4068d ago

agree mighty this game is going to rock

caffman4068d ago

then we would see who owned who in the only way that matters. In a game. Not on a games site.

Synex4067d ago

I have played the Beta and I love it. I can't wait to get this for the PS3.

jctoyou4066d ago

wish it wasn,t a ps3 exclusive like haze aswell