Nintendo's profits more than double on success of Wii, DS

The Associated Press reports on October 25, 2007:

Nintendo Co. said Thursday profits more than doubled in the six months to Sept. 30 on the success of its hit Wii and Nintendo DS game consoles. The company also raised its full year profit forecast.

The Kyoto-based manufacturer said its group net profit surged to 132.42 billion yen (US$1.16 billion; €820 million) in its fiscal first half from 54.35 billion a year earlier. Group sales more than doubled to 694.80 billion yen (US$6.07 billion; €4.27 billion) from 298.82 billion yen.

For the year ending in March, Nintendo raised its group earnings outlook to 275 billion yen (US$2.40 billion; €1.69 billion), better than the 245 billion yen it forecast in July.

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TruthbeTold4069d ago

Hopefully they will take some of that profit and pour it into a greater effort of helping 3rd party developers maximize their efforts on the Wii. Perhaps even buy a few amazing Wii exclusives, since the competition still seem to be doing that with their consoles. Otherwise, I don't care a whole lot about some rich guys getting richer.


this is just great for Nintendo. Go Nintendo!!!!!!!

IntelligentAj4068d ago

Did anybody expect anything less?Great job Nintendo..Give credit where credit is due.