Gran Turismo Nissan GT-R Comparison: Real versus Virtual

GT Channel reported last week that a free downloadable demo was made available to millions of PlayStation 3 and Gran Turismo fans. Officially dubbed, "Black Mask", the playable 2009 Nissan GT-R not only let on that the Blask Mask website was indeed a Nissan-sanctioned website, but indicated the level of participation between Sony and Nissan.

The masked GT-R featured in Gran Turismo Prologue's demo had a snout based on the final product, not on the Nissan Proto (also featured in the game). GT Channel uses the word "had" and not "has" is because as of October 24th, 2pm (Japan time) the Black Mask GT-R became the 2009 Nissan GT-R. The very specific timing had to do with the 40th Tokyo Motor Show and Nissan's press conference where president, Carlos, Ghosn, unveiled the GT-R at long last. On a related note, the Lexus IS-F also became playable yesterday, coinciding with Lexus' press conference at the same event.

GT Channel has an in-depth feature showing the differences between the GT-R Proto, GT-R Black Mask and the 2009 Nissan GT-R, with 360-degree videos and details screens.

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LSDARBY4068d ago

GT5 is gonna rock so hard, with top gear, maybe 900 cars. Its the ultimate racing game.

ScentlessApprentice74068d ago

GT Prologue and GT5 are totally in a league of their own.

I just love how none of the xbox 360 geeks ever post on any GT related article because getting to know cars would require them to actually get out of the house.