playstation eye video

Revolutionize your interactive gaming and online communication experience with the PLAYSTATION®Eye USB camera. The PLAYSTATION®Eye has the ability to reduce background noise and focus on the spoken word for smoother, more accurate speech recognition and transfer. The fast frame rate allows for improved tracking and responsiveness for pristine video quality. The PLAYSTATION®Eye is also engineered to perform well in low-light conditions and includes a dual action lens for close-up and full body options.

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whateva4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

if thats real then Whoa thats the best video chat I have ever seen

MikeGdaGod4042d ago

i've been using the PS2 eyetoy for months and me and my buddies chat with up to 6 in a room all the time.

the eye isn't the reason for 6 people video chat, that has always been possible with any usb camera

Ghost-Face4043d ago

I know, this thing looking like it's a definitely pickup for me, and it looks like it runs pretty smooth and takes great pictures...

whateva4043d ago

it's USB 2.0 Bluetooth is not fast enough for 120 fps videos

mighty_douche4043d ago

..but i doubt it, more than likely be connected via USB, but i dont know for sure.

season0074043d ago

when in game that needs higher FPS, USB
when in video chat that doesn't need that FPS, BT...
but well ya a cable doesn't hurt too much

KeiZka4043d ago

Ya, it's a nice product but still it smells like an ad.

uuaschbaer4043d ago

That Heavenly Sword was CG wasn't it?

dhammalama4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

BUT that's the kind of feature I would like to see. That and Minority Report style XMB control.

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