Nolan Bushnell Hates GTA, Calls Halo 3 'Doom in Different Clothing'

GameDaily BIZ reports:

Following his recent comments about today's video games being "unadulterated trash," Atari founder and Pong creator Nolan Bushnell spoke with GameTap Read to elaborate on his feelings about the current state of the game industry. Essentially, he thinks the industry simply doesn't have enough innovation.

In his latest interview, Bushnell said Halo 3 is really "Doom 1 in different clothing" and Grand Theft Auto "values antisocial behavior." Bushnell, who had said the PS3 would be a failure before it was released, also had more to say about Sony's PS3.

The man who created the first commercial video game doesn't hate everything though. He actually praised games from Will Wright such as The Sims and Spore as well as music games such as Dance Dance Revolution and Guitar Hero. Check out the full interview at GameTap.

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ATLRoAcH4068d ago

And everyone new the Wii would be a big fad.The PS3 is very innovative by the way.I wonder why we haven't seen Ataris in so many years.

ktchong4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

He sold Atari and cashed out in 1978 - back when the company was at the top of its game. He has also created Chuck Cheese, Catalyst Tech (which owned Etak that became MapQuest) uWink, and a bunch of other successful companies. He's a "serial entrepreneur" -- he creates companies, grows them, and then sells them and cashes out for a lot of money. Needless to say, he's a multi-billionaire.

gamesR4fun4068d ago

Besides some of those Atarie game had some pretty rank themes and most of them involved blowing things up... Kinda makes this guy pretty biased for calling GTA anti social dont it.

IdontTakeSides4068d ago

Well for him to go and say well GTA is well garbage not good for the youth of America is just ignorant...what is GTA doing that they can't turn on CNN and see..everyone kinda knew the Wii would be successful and to say the PS3 is not innovative is's up to the developers to do innovative things with the hardware...this guys is stuck in the past as we can tell...Tetris while still good for some isn't as ground breaking as it once was..vice versa with the sims....GTA is one of the most innovative games of last gen he didn't mention that and Rockstar will 1UP it with the GTA4....

ironcreed4068d ago

Sorry that all games these days cannot meet the standards of 'Pong', Nolan ole' boy. Meanwhile, good luck with creating your next gen Chucky Cheese with Ping Pong tables. I will just stick to playing what you deem as today's "trash".

Nicosia4068d ago

Well i don't agree with his harsh reasoning but for somebody who has been at the forefront of gaming revolution he should have a more open mind. Things have changed since the old pong days, things evolve. Same thing with movies these days, ''people in high places'' don't like digital filmaking..but you can't deny its the future.

I also think he is judging the wrong kinda games, the games he is talking about appeal to a less wider audience (like kids,elderly) but have key demografic. While games like pong have univeral appeal..there just games to pick up and play.

Games have changed some much.. there rich and complex. REAL gamers would like a story, some action, some puzzels and some freaky plot twists.

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The story is too old to be commented.