No Kojima? Did Sony Just Lose E3?

TGH Writes: "Now hear me out. The PSN is still in recovery mode, technically and mentally. Sony is still trying to think of ways to recoup their losses which are estimated in the billions. Now comes word that Kojima will not be attending, one of their key people in the Sony community who has always been a major supporter of their hardware. Could this mean do or die time for Sony?"

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bageara2270d ago

is bound to get approved

captain-obvious2270d ago

just reading the title it self hurts my brain

I_find_it_funny2270d ago

^^^ :)

fail article at it's best

coryok2270d ago

LMAO nice call, its approved

DarkFantasy2270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )

no Kojima = Sony losing e3 ? WTF.. OK firstly I don't give a shit about Kojima I'm not a fan of his work i know many people are but I've managed to go through ps1,ps2,ps3 with out him what the f*ck makes him all high and mighty that Sony is going to fail if 1 guy doesn't show up..

secondly this guy is playing both sides first there gonna fail now they got some thing up there selves make up your mind..

and 3rd but most importantly E3 IS NOT A DAMN CONTEST!!!! it's a trade show!!!!

tho some thing from valve would be really cool i just want to know what vavle has been up to there like the biggest mystery around,who the heck knows what there doing but it better be half life episode 3 or half life 1 remake lol

kerrak2270d ago

Just because a lot of people don't know this feature i'll comment here:
You can vote down this (or any crappy) site.
Click " +" just under "Read full story" then clik "No".
Adding comments just increases heat.

zootang2270d ago

So does this mean MS has lost this generation because it has no Metal Gear Solid game?

Did I really just type that.

jessupj2270d ago

Read the whole artile people!

tehpees32270d ago

whats even more stupid than the article itself is the fact this trash got approved

blumatt2270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )

Yeah, I found out about that feature awhile back. I already did it. I put "wtf" and "no". haha This article is ridiculous. Sony's not the company that puts all its eggs in one basket. They have TONS of other first and second party studio support. Sony isn't reliant on third parties for THEIR console.

One developer not having a game for Sony's E3 will not make or break it. Sony knows how to keep a slew of games flowing all year long for its console. It doesn't just wait til the end of each year and drop the same couple of titles with a new number on it.

This article is one of the worst I've ever seen on n4g, and that says alot. lol

Not only that, but Jaffe said he wasn't going to be at last year's E3 and HE ended up showing up anyway, so Kojima might just be pulling a "Jaffe" and trying to make his appearance a surprise.

JD_Shadow2270d ago

Since when do people ever do that here on N4G?

I read the entire thing, and it's actually giving the possible reasons why one would say yes or no to the question. They didn't give their own opinions, just their reasons why they MIGHT be saying yes or no.

Then again, remember what site's users you're trying to convince.

morganfell2270d ago

A ridiculous article so take the proper action.

Underneath "Read full story" click on " -" and then give the story and the website the appropriate rating. WTF and No.

If they are going to publish nonsensical crap stories then they will be treated like a nonsensical crap website.

evrfighter12269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

wish you d-bags would do that with HHG articles.

It's not like Kojima matters anymore to begin with though. He's been riding Metal Gear so hard this gen he won't be able to walk right for years. Carmack and Newell have left this dude in the dust.

The guy's a one trick pony. ZoE is cult status AT BEST. It's not even that great just Kojima fanboy's like to overhype it.

you heard it here first. His first title on ps4 will be yet ANOTHER Metal Gear title.

kikizoo2269d ago

How many new u.s xfantard's blogs articles on n4G in 2011 ?

More than ever, that's for sure..

xabmol2269d ago


malamdra2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

Kojima is not real, your parent should've told you when you entered puberty

they just take some skinny guys and put them in glasses, don't tell me you haven't notice how he never seems to age?

socomnick2269d ago

Sony hasn't won an e3 since 2005.

Sony just lacks showmanship. They need to up their production values and get real presenters not Trenton he is really bad and gets nervous.

karl2269d ago


yeah... they need cirque de soleil right?

SONY has all the games... what else do they need for a gaming console soo all this people trashing them start to support playstation?

oh thats right .. they need to call it the xbox..

and then with nothing but Multiplatform games everyone would be happy

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EazyC2270d ago

M$ best not pull "Skittles" and pals back out of their ass again for E3 2011 or the Japs will reign supreme again

lowcarb2270d ago

"Skittles and pals"


WetN00dle692270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )

Its "or the Japanese", You ignorant ****!

KingSlayer2270d ago

"Japs" is offensive man. This ain't 1945.

graemed-ps32270d ago

Thats like calling a britsih person a brit! How is that offensive?

YogiBear2270d ago

@ Wetnoodle69 and Kingslayer

Grow spines, both of you.

WetN00dle692270d ago


NO, That word is as if you were using the N word or any other racial slur out there. And yes both the word you said and the one he said are both quite offensive!

WetN00dle692270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )


lol, okay so Kingslayer and i are both spineless cause were are not ignorant S.O.B's?
Sounds good to me, id much rather be spineless than ignorant.

Louis_Guzman2270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )

@Easyc and Yogibear: "Japs" huh? Ok, I'm just going to step away from your little cross burning. Hood wearing racists.

KingSlayer2270d ago

@ Yogi
What the hell do spines have to do with anything? Not that I expect you to answer with any intelligence, it's just your spine comment is as lame as your handle.

Anon19742270d ago

Stop it Skittles! That tickles!

And as for the "japs" thing, "Jap" was a shortened form, back in the 1800's but became used as an ethnic slur during WWII. Pretty much every dictionary out there now agrees - it's pretty damn offensive. It's not even close to "brits"
"Brits" isn't widely used as an ethnic slur.

This reminds me when I came across some Americans arguing with some Brits on Call of Duty about how the n-word isn't racist and it's ok to yell at everyone. It was ignorance flagrantly flirting with idiocy.

Get informed. If you think a term might be culturally insensitive for whatever reason, doesn't it make more sense to just not use it until you can verify if it's actually offensive or not? That just seems like common sense to me. I don't know. Maybe it's because I'm actually fairly well traveled and genuinely respectful of other people. Who knows.

FalconR2892269d ago

I find it offensive that everyone is offended by this. Why does everyone have to be politicaly correct these days?

ChrisW2269d ago

Saying "Japs" is offensive. It's not a matter of being politically correct or what not, it's just offensive. It's as offensive as calling someone white trash, spook, spik, towlhead or whatever would make them upset.

[For the aforementioned vulgarities, I apologize. But I feel that it was necessary to equate the level to help EasyC and others understand.]

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Istanbull2270d ago

This idiot who wrote this article needs to educate himself, he says: "Sony is still trying to think of ways to recoup their losses which are estimated in the billions"

LOL! He thinks those losses come from PSN outage but in fact those losses come because Sony paid their taxes years in advance and increased R&D expenditure.

Also: HOW MANY times did Kojima show up at Sony's E3? Kojima showed up at MS E3, did Sony lose and die all of a sudden?

With all the exclusives, NGP news and other great things from Sony, there are still some people trying to figure out how to complain.