New environment screens released for Dragon’s Dogma

Several new screenshots have been released for Dragon’s Dogma, showcasing the various environments that will be in the upcoming open-world action Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 title.

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Julie2640d ago

Looks awesome i hope it is a good game :)

femshep2640d ago

wow, really nice job with the lighting.....capcom may actually gain some of my trust back if this game is really good

keith-ps32640d ago

na bring back breath of fire with a open world like this and i will love them once more and make a good mega man rpg while u at it! cuz that street fighter, mvc 3 was sum shit

Tony P2640d ago

I'm a sucker for good environments.

Level of Interest +2.

Quagmire2640d ago

I dont get it, they couldve made Monster Hunter, yet they choose to make this?

HmongAmerican2640d ago

looking better then Skyrim.

Tony P2640d ago

It does, but that leads me to believe it's not nearly as large in scope.

If it is, I'll be hella impressed.

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