Spider-Man HD Trilogy: Blu-Ray Review - 9.5

Ripten's Michael Bencic reviews the Spider-Man HD Trilogy on Blu-Ray disc and whips up a beautiful illustration to commemorate the occasion as well. The kid not only writes, but he can draw too.

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ATLRoAcH4069d ago

N4G needs to add HD-DVD and Blu-Ray channels.The whole HD thing is clearly interesting to a lot of gamers on N4G.

shmee4069d ago

It is interesting indeed

Nostradavis4069d ago

Why was the Transformers HD DVD story allowed? Consoles these days are dual purpose machines. This is a story that a writer spent a great deal of time putting together that includes original art as well.

Stop the fanboy garbage already.

Real gamer 4 life4069d ago

Sweet!! i am going to pick this up for christmas. When is the trilogy released??

gtgcoolkid4069d ago

I am gonna pick this up for my ps3. By the way I saw the HD Transformers at a local frys, it looked like a very solid transfer and kind sad it didn't come to blu ray, damn companies screwing the consumers.

IdontTakeSides4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

im definetly picking this up so I can watch it on my where's POTC:at worlds end...!!

gogators4068d ago

Like around the 3rd or the 4th.

riksweeney4068d ago

Hopefully POTC: At World's End will never be released because it was a crime against cinema.

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The story is too old to be commented.