Hideo Kojima Hits the Studio...But for What?

TGH writes: Hideo Kojima has just tweeted quite an interesting picture. It’s obviously a recording studio, but the purpose is a mystery. We know he’s got a few projects going so it could very well be and probably is just be him at work, but we can’t help but wonder what exactly that work is.

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ShadyDevil2637d ago

I hope its a PS3 exclusive hes working on. Looks like everyone will find out at E3 though.

Jack-H2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

*fantasizes* Neh, it probably won't ever happen. KOJIMAAAAAAA!!

Anycooch. C'mon E3!

Kamikaze1352637d ago

I just hope whatever it is ends up being good. As long as it ends up on the PS3 or PC, I'll be happy.

TheLastGuardian20102637d ago

How about instead of this endless speculation, we just wait...

lpfisher2637d ago

Because speculation can be fun. You weren't the type to look for Christmas presents early either, were you?

ShadyDevil2636d ago

I never looked cuz it was either Coal or video games. Santa...never one for variety. Frikin lonely GI Joe.

On Topic again: Speculation is fun, as I said before. MGS related..or bust.

a08andan2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

I always looked :D My family had a tradition of starting Christmas with a present-hunt ^^ Although my parents NEVER gave me anything computer or video-game related. They we outdoor-people who considered it blasphemy to be indoors if the sun was shining. I wished for a Gameboy color for years back in the days, and finally stopped since I never got one, then the year after they gave it to me, but got only one game. They never gave me any games for it, and when I bought a game to it, or any other PC/Videogame, I always got the evil eye :P Haha, they would even call my friends parents when I was there to tell her that I wasn't allowed to play video-games with my friend cause the weather was sunny. He was allowed to play a lot more video-games than I ever was.

So to speculate when you know "you" are going to get something you want, is awesome :D

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The story is too old to be commented.