Tales Of Xillia Second Gameplay Trailer Revealed

Check out the new gameplay trailer of Tales Of Xillia

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jc485732332d ago (Edited 2332d ago )

looks sweet

Edit: Didn't notice the second trailer. Dude, forget Vesperia, Namco needs to be bring Xillia instead. I will so raid on Namco if they throw in "we have no plans" BS. Listen gamers, I know Bamco is stupid, but we seriously have to stick together to support Team Tales. Let's build up our fan base by spreading the words about Tales of Grace.

RedPawn2332d ago

I agree, but I still wouldn't mind a packaged bundle of Vesperia/Graces F, ala WKC 2.

I been waiting to support their products, and I will most definitely keep my 360 copy of ToV.

Army_of_Darkness2332d ago

Omg!! This game better come to america!!! Asap!! Just watching the trailer reminds me of the good ol' jrpg days on the psone and ps2:-]

Valvatorez2332d ago

I think Scamco are giving us Tales of Grace just to shut us up,they'll then ignore us with Xillia.
What the hell is with them anyway? Is our money not good enough for them?

Jack-H2332d ago (Edited 2332d ago )

I know nothing of this game. I had never heard of it before clicking on the link. But that art style is absolutely gorgeous.

Omar912332d ago

this is it!!! this is the rpg on ps3 ive been waiting for.!!!!! it looks absolutely amazing!

Naruto_Uzumaki2332d ago

wow i must say this might become one of the best RPG Yet

Theyellowflash302332d ago

It could. But remember Versus 13, 13-2, Kingdom Hearts 3 have not been released yet. Especially Versus 13. That game looks amazing.

But really I want this game here in America and since it is on the PS3 there should be no excuse for the team to not include american text in the game for importers.

Capt-FuzzyPants2332d ago

Yea for me Vesus 13 is looking to be the best game this gen. IMO no other genre can stand a chance agaist a good JRPG.

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