Official PlayStation Magazine slams Alice: Madness Returns in first review

The first review of Alice: Madness Returns from OPM is here, and the magazine has delivered a harsh verdict.

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rabidpancakeburglar2606d ago

I can't say I didn't see that coming. I reckon the game will get between 58 and 72 on metacritic

jony_dols2606d ago

Although most of the review is harsh, it does contain a couple of positive remarks. The writer made note of the title’s ambitious nature and enjoyed its psycological element. However, in the end, OPM gave the title a disappointing 5/10 score.

Damn, I was looking forward to this. Oh well...

ZombieAssassin2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

If you were looking forward to it then why would 1 review or even a number of reviews change your mind? If you've played the first Alice and enjoyed it I'm sure you'll enjoy this one.

I too am looking forward to it as I loved the first one and no review from someone I don't know is going to change my mind.

maddfoxx2606d ago

If you were really looking forward to it, then you wouldn't let someone else's opinion influence you. Reviews are nothing more than opinions, don't ever take them as the "truth".

The reviewer could favor games like final fantasy 14 for all we know.

Max_Dissatisfaction2606d ago

While I find it commendable that some people do not let reviews influence their purchases, I myself have been burnt when I exercise that particular practice.
Sometimes (most times) the games are really as bad as the reviews suggest.
My advice is find a reviewer with the same tastes as you and stick with him/her or you'll end up buying Spider-man 3 and Raging Blast 2 and getting sorely disappointed

memots2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

Please don't let review tell you what game you should play.

The only thing review influence for me is if its a day one buy or wait for a deal to get it. So instead of paying 60$ for it just wait until you can get it cheaper and i am sure you will love the game the same or even more that way.

JAMurida2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

Why would you just lose interest in a game due to a review score, (aka someone's opinion), of a game??? If I did that for every game I've played, half of them I would of never touched.

I can't believe people actually let a review determine if they get the game or not. What happen to the days when we thought for ourselves?

I_find_it_funny2606d ago

I thought of renting it but I wont get downloadable Alice 1 that way. Will need to buy new copy

SuperM2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

Uhm guys. When a game gets a 5/10 its usually crap. Basing something on only one review is not the best idea but not basing your purchase on reviews at all is just stupid. When games score low it is for a reason, and its not because the reviewer has slightly different taste then you. In most cases its because the game sucks

"I can't believe people actually let a review determine if they get the game or not. What happen to the days when we thought for ourselves?"

I dont think anything has happened to that. I for example chose to buy some games that score 8-9/10 but other games scoring the same or better i might not buy because its not the game im interested in buying. Thats me thinking for myself.

However i do not get to play the entire game before i decide to purchase it. A reviewer does. I can get an idea of how a game plays and of the quality of the game by watching videos of it, however there is no way for me to know. If reviewers play the game and finds it buggy, repetetive, short, bad story etc etc then i would be stupid not to listen

b_one2606d ago

yeah and they gave Bayonetta 9/10... harsh you say.... ;)

Man In Black2606d ago

I remember Way Of The Samurai 3 getting low reviews, but it's fucking awesome, despite the terrible graphics.

Tdmd2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )


Simple: because money doesn't grows on trees, and it is in fact, pretty much scarce, especially in regards to videogames, which is a very expensive hobby -- and can get out of control with the abundance of great games coming out every month. Some people DO have money enough to expend blindly, taking chances. Others don’t (and those need the aid of reviewers before deciding on how to better expend their money). Both deserves respect, and questioning what do they choose to get or pass, is distasteful, to say the least.

EDIT: @SuperM

"Well said" bubbles to you, mate! :)

jeseth2606d ago

If you are interested in it you should buy it anyways but for OPM to give the game a low score the game must be pretty bad!

OPM are pretty liberal in their scoring, I've been getting OPM/PSM for years...

jony_dols2606d ago

If it got maybe a 7 or 8, I'd be well up for giving it a try.

But if history has proved me anything most (all) games that score under 6, are pretty dang rubbish.

OPM are generally a pretty credible source, who don't just give out harsh scores for the sake of it.

I really liked McGee's Alice when it came out, but games have moved on.

snipes1012606d ago

Here's a problem with today's readers and game reviewers. The curve has been pushed so far up that 7 is considered to be garbage when in actuality it really means "good". 5/10 means "mediocre." Not broken, not terrible, just average. Yes yes I know how percentages work on high schools tests and college exams but that's not how it works here. 5 is just average.

Concerning how much we should consider reviews I think that we do have to take them into some consideration given how expensive they are but ultimately you have to decide for yourself. If you see a game get a low review average on metacritic but still really want it, why not buy it?

you could also do some research: rent it, watch gameplay videos on youtube, check out message boards, etc. There's an abundance of information out there for free. We have fewer and fewer excuses to not be informed on something. Review scores will never be the be all and end all of information on video games and should not be treated as such (especially only one review).


in my opinion, it just sucks to be opm. this looks to be a fantastic game. if opm didnt like it, all that means is that they missed out.

nnotdead2605d ago

OP tends to be very easy reviewers, so if they give the game a 5/10 i bet the game is pretty bad.

DaTruth2605d ago

That explains everything! No wonder the review score system seems so broken; it is based on American grading system!

Everywhere else in the world 5/10 is average!

LordZ2605d ago

According to my scale:

10 - Unrealistic
9 - Excellent
8 - Very good
7 - Good
6 - Mediocre
5 - Crap
4 - Crap
3 - Crap
2 - Crap
1 - Crap

jeseth2605d ago

@ Snipes101

5/10 for a game basically means crap.

Unless you are hitting a baseball or shooting a basketball a .500 score is failing and terrible. A 7/10 means the game is good or average for its genre and as the game gets better you get into the 8's and 9's and very few games are real 10's.

I've been gaming for a long time and if a game gets even a 6/10 there is reason for concern. Not saying I haven't liked a 5 or 6 rated game but that is usually because I'm a fan of the genre or story, but the majority of the community would think the game is crap.

If 5/10 is average for you then there really haven't been any bad games this gen on PS3 or 360.

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Soldierone2606d ago

Still gonna buy it, dont really care. im buying it for the story more than anything, and based off what i have seen it will suit me nicely.

reznik_zerosum2605d ago

reviews said that KAL2:Dog Days suck hard but i really liked that game

Spenok2606d ago

How would you figure when the first one scored an 85 on metacritic?

With the best review/s being 10/10 or 5/5 and the worst being a 73...?

I would have guessed this would be an excelent title. The first one was great and the fact that this one comes with number 1 packed in the box is reason enough to buy it simply because buying number 1 atm is not only difficult but impossible for a decent price.

This is still going to be a day one for me.

rabidpancakeburglar2606d ago

The worst was 50, try looking at the reviews rather than the 3 example reviews. I reckon that it won't be as well received as the original seeing as it's 10 years on and not much seems to have changed in terms of appearance.

Sillyace922606d ago

Nah I'm thinking it's going to be more in the lines of 0-100.

TheLastGuardian20102606d ago

I wouldn't be quick to judge. OXM gave Dead Space 1 a 6/10, and that game ended to get a 89 on metacritic.

Assassins Creed 2 also was given 4.5/10 on Destructoid.

Homefront was given plenty of 9/10, and 8/10 and we see how that turned out.

Let's just wait, eh?

AlexCage2606d ago

Let's not forget about the Kane & Lynch 2 review either!

It got a 9/10 in OXM UK and was being harold as a goty contender...a week later it's ends up with a low 60 on metacritic.

It's just 1 review. Call me when there's 100+ on metacritic.

Colmshan19902605d ago

Wasn't there a controversy with Gamespot firing a reviewer because he only gave Kane & Lynch a 6 out of 10 when the publishers were paying the website a load of money to advertise the game?
Reviews aren't the most important thing to check when deciding to buy a game or not.

What surprises me is that this is the first review.
In today's world of review embargoes, we normally only hear about the 10s and 9s first, before the others filter through.

GodofSackboy2606d ago

Good, hopefully this will be the last game about Alice in Wonderland (wtf?)

TheLastGuardian20102606d ago

Yeah, because god knows we need less games like Alice in Wonderland, and more games like battlefield, or modern warfare, with generic dudebro guys with muscles the size of king kong.....yeah crazy people, pffttt...

Spenok2606d ago

Woops my bad, you are correct. For some reason i always thought those were the best, middle and worst reviews.

Learn something new every day :D

Graey2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

@ people saying don't let reviews influence you.

I'd agree to an extent. Just that I'm not so much disagreeing but it seems that your only giving half the idea behind not letting the review persuade you.

Your saying not to let it sway your decision I'd agree with that but also consider the review more so a general guide on how your going to see the game.

Say everyone goes in a new game with a base of what they believe the game should have going for it. We can all agree a crappy control scheme can really hamper a game. Visuals to some degree as well. But then we get into nuances like story, upgrades, replay value that sort of thing.

So take the review as looking for certain quality. A 7-10 is about what your looking for. 6's are acceptable in those rare niche times. But let's be honest would any of you try to finish a game that's 5/10. Given that say the problem is controls or puzzle problems ie missing platforms. I'd like to think not, or at the least it would then frustrate you after you've tried it for a bit. You then would not turn around and tell your friend its okay to buy the game. You'd tell them what you thought the game had going for it and why.

So making a blanket statement is a little bit premature. Rather perhaps branch it out a bit, and say some reviews are worth hearing out based on reviewer credibility.

Just my opinion though.


jerethdagryphon2606d ago

its not a shooter dont rate it like one alice is a oldschol hard plaformer at its core with combat mechanics to make it harder

play the first one if you dont like that you wont like this

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cyborg2606d ago

but I had really high expectations from this game. I'll still honour my pre order and see for myself how it is.

Graey2606d ago

i'd say gamefly it. or rather wait a bit for the price to go down.

Neckbear2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

How dare they not make the platforming "Press X to win", huh, OPM?

MattS2606d ago

Bah. I played this game for a couple of hours at a preview event, and Official PlayStation Magazine can go bite the big one. They're wrong.

Jack-H2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

:) That's good to hear mate.

AKissFromDaddy2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

Not about right vs wrong. Remember opinions? Yeah....those things. Every reviewer has one. Some people hate Half-Life and I don't know how that is possible but it is.

Update: My opinions are hated as well.

Jack-H2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )


I totally get your point. Not a lot of people seem to think that way, not that I'm hating on them.


You never quit do you man? Burn in hell? Really?

Speakindatruth2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

@Jack-H: Hey, you can't talk. You blocked me for being right :)
EDIT: Yeah, it shows me that. I can probably expect one of those -- *ahem* -- "dis-LIEKZ" -- to be from you, eh?

cyborg2606d ago

thanks for saying this, makes me feel all the better.


Rybakov2606d ago

who ever wrote this should be shot.....Alice was amazing so long ago and will hold up to its name

AKissFromDaddy2606d ago

That's how you lose bubbles man. Edit while you can.

Tachyon_Nova2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

That comment defines fanboyism

Edit: what I mean is that you have no idea how the game plays yet you are defending it against someone who (if OPM has any integrity) has played it extensively. Suggesting he should be killed for unfavourably reviewing a game you are interested in is a major hallmark of the fanboy.

Rybakov2606d ago Show
AKissFromDaddy2606d ago

Sooooooooooooooo, you don't want bubbles?

Jack-H2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

Is that anime dude(knocks on wood) who replied to you for real? You make a totally valid point(imo) and he replies with "go back to call of dootie cockfag" ... I've seen him on a couple of other pages. He is absolutely insane.