Tough As Nails: Final Fantasy XIII

BnBGaming's Rexly's about to infuriate a lot of readers, but he doesn’t care. Final Fantasy XIII has given him the hardest time he's ever had in a game!

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xX-StolenSoul-Xx2672d ago

Agree, Though i did massivly enjoy Final Fantasy 4 5 6 and 7 this one wasn't for me.

Though i did see the new Final Fantasy 14 trailer and it looks to me like they're going back to their roots bringing old creatures back and more midevil but yet new fantasy setting.

Peaceful_Jelly2672d ago

FFXIV is like that cus it is an MMO (spiritual sequel to FFXI) not because they are going back to their roots.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2672d ago

oh really? it's and mmo why would they call if FF14 then, thats so stupid. i don't like mmos. they waste my time.

limewax2671d ago

Because the MMO Final Fantasy 11 was an MMO too? lol

Anyway what do you mean new video? Final Fantasy 14 came out last year

Organization XII2672d ago (Edited 2672d ago )

More open world and less linear please!! thats what I seek from you Square!

God bless Square Soft :(

keith-ps32672d ago

there crack heads thats why! let me work with them i would make that game a hit (dont put this in na son thats wack come on doing that makes it have no reply) u know what i mean

the_bebop2672d ago

Even though I like FFXIII this is spot on I am trying to finish XIII at the moment I am trying to defeat the final boss but I can't because it seems to me that you have to level grind all your stats to finish it which is why I am taking a break from it at the moment, I will try to finish it later.

coryok2672d ago

you should never have to level grind, if youre ever stuck on a boss, just poison him. poison does a percentage of max hp so it takes less than 10 minutes to kill any boss that can be poisoned, and you can be sentinal/medics with everyone for most of the time so you wont really die.

if that doesnt work though, the last boss can be killed by vanilles death spell, just keep trying and you'll end up killing him in one hit lol

keith-ps32672d ago

i tho that to but then i put my other to ppl with classes i never use and beat him so fast i only use the command,heal, and the other 1 try sen, an those other two i didnt like that game so forgive me if i dont remember the classes names

mttrackmaster382672d ago

I don't care about any other final fantasys but FF7 and FF XII: Versus. Screw all your other crappy games!

joab7772672d ago

I enjoyed the game alot but I had serious issues. First off, it the streamlined story...terrible. IMO, the game shine after I beat it, goin for the platinum. U finally grasp everything and u have to grind to get strong enough to beat the turtles, vintage final fantasy...just do that...please, please. I loved the paradigm shift as it allowed the action to b quick paced without eliminating a turned based control system. Next to the gorgeous environments, the paradigm shift was my favorite improvement...keep that..please. As to the story, I'm alright w it,characters were fine, though in the event of mass effect, dragon age, fallout,and others, it may b time to up the ante, especially in the customization dept. And yes, I bought the guide, not to cheat,but to get an understanding of everything...but i can only imagine the difficulty of figuring everything out on ur own. Overall, I liked it,but I loved it after I beat it, when it finally opened up. To bad, it was almost over.

RedPawn2672d ago

You know what really got on my nerves was Barthandalus, such a horribly lame boss, way to modern for me.

I aslo hated the way Cid went out, without any progression of him actually joining you at sometime.

I liked the game, they should of just left it in the oven, and never talked about it until it was TRULY close to being finished.

joab7772671d ago

If u hated the modern aspect, u will loathe ff 13 versus. Why couldn't theyjust do what they did 12 x before but w better graphics, an open world, and more customization

Dark_king2672d ago (Edited 2672d ago )

I don't understand how anyone could find the game hard.I don't think I had a single character die the entire game.The entire battle system pissed me off I wanted a FF game not some game that plays itself.The only thing in the entire game I actually thought was cool was the giant.When I first got to see him I couldn't wait to fight him.What a joke that you never get to.Was the worse FF game I have ever played.
I should mention I played it like I do every FF game,grind from the start.This probably made everything way to easy I was around level fifty by the time I landed in the slightly more open area they called a world .

Redempteur2672d ago (Edited 2672d ago )

"I don't think I had a single character die the entire game."

did you try the pulse quests .. not calling you a liar but some of these bosses trully are hard ( even with overpowered characters ).

Grind from the start is prety much useless in FF13 by the way ... i'm pretty sure you characters will die at some point with you try to platinium it

HacSawJimThugin2672d ago

Once I got use to the Paradigm shift, I fell in love. Can't wait for the sequel!!