PlayStation Network: Asia Status update for Hong Kong, Sony responds

Product-Reviews writes: As we informed you at the end of the last week, it continues to be a frustrating time for PlayStation 3 owners in Hong Kong and other Asia countries, as despite the fact that some PSN services have resumed in the UK, the US and also Japan – it remains offline for Hong Kong gamers.

Although we don’t have the good news that you’re waiting to hear yet, we do have an update for you from Sony directly. We asked their Hong Kong PlayStation division when the PlayStation Network would be back online, and we received a response from Benny Garcia from their Customer Communications and Relations Department:

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tr00p3r2669d ago

Pretty outrageous how Sony can turn the PSN back online in Japan, but not places like Hong Kong and South Korea..what's up with that?

Freddy_Millz12669d ago

Its not that they dont want to. Japan's government kept them from turning theirs on all this time to make sure they were following proper protocol to keep more hacks from happening. Personal info was at risk thanks to whoever hacked PSN. There are more important things to watch out for then kids putting up more Black-ops tomahawk throws. If their government has similar gripes then they are going to abide by their laws.

On another note Welcome back my Japanese Brothers and Sisters.....Hong Kong, South Korea and all else waiting, hang in there we feel for you.

KonaBro2669d ago

I'm in South Korea and it's been hell. I just want to hop online and play Mortal Kombat, Portal 2, and SOCOM 4. Is that too much to ask? :(

Good thing I'm moving to Japan next Monday. I'll finally be able to play again.

dangert2669d ago

thats a very western libary lol never listen to stereo types i should no better

Tapioca Cold2669d ago

Yeah, I'm in Korea too and it's getting real old, real fast! I'm a huge sony supporter but c'mon guys! I can only be patient for so long.

I'm a Canadian living here. Even though my account is in North America, I still can't play.

Konabro, what's your psn ID. I'll put you on my friends list for some SOCOM. Are you a foreigner? ^_- Haha!

Legion2669d ago


More then likely military person now relocating to a base/camp in Japan. So keep up your stereo types.

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rakunado2669d ago

dying here... im in australia, but my account is Hong Kong, and all i can do is see all my aus friends playing online... :(

kuge4562669d ago

Same here,Sydney,but main account is with SCEH

kuroukage2665d ago

Ahh.. living under the rule of communism, aint it grand? Don't worry Chinese people. They really do have your best interests in mind I'm sure.