Gamestop Now Offers "Download Insurance"

Original Gamer: "Best Buy has been getting plenty of criticism due to their gaming "services" such as hooking up your console to the TV, and the new one, installing L.A. Noire for you. While it's highly unlikely that anyone actually uses these services, it's a sickening display of trying to grab as much money possible with services that a 5 year old knows how to do. Gamestop now has a similar service designed to take your money without a real benefit, and they're pretty sneaky about it."

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godslayer4292640d ago

nobody...i mean NOBODY wants your rip off insurance.

gamingdroid2640d ago

At the time of this writing, at least 2 people would buy GS rip off insurance.

Personally, I see no reason to buy from GameStop when you have plenty of much better options for most likely less.

ChrisW2640d ago

Those 2 people more than likely didn't know they had a choice of going to another game download server that doesn't have rip off crap like that. For example, STEAM's downloads never expire.

egidem2640d ago

Download Insurance??? SERIOUSLY??

ChrisW2640d ago

Are they serious?

Having an expiration on downloads?

mugoldeneagle032640d ago

I work in the gaming dpt at a Best Buy and I haven't seen anything for this once. I know there are services for cameras/SLRs but thats more for training than installing. Not a thing for games that I know of

And if the article is referring to the pic that was on here a few weeks back they established it was a PC case with the sticker left on. Which would make sense if you think about it..

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yamzilla2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

the only way i would ever download a game from gamestops shit service is if they had a deal so unbelievably good on a game i wanted kinda, like if they had dragon age 2 for $5, i'd buy it right now, i heard the game sucks somewhat but i thought the first 2 were decent and fully play to but it at the 15-18 dollar mark

other than that, compared to steam, gog, d2d, amazon, gamestop has the worst, diarhea, garbage service around

Soldierone2640d ago

This is mostly why I am against the download era moving in. This will start spreading. You won't be able to re download YOUR games, sell them when you are done, etc...Then unless they follow the leader with Steam there probably won't be sales to get games cheaper as they don't need to clear inventory at all. And once the game is old, it will probably be removed from the servers and not available anymore.

Have your hard drive crash or something and goodbye games.

Greed comes before quality to many companies.

yamzilla2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

any game i truly care about i buy a hard copy version, the witcher 2, beautiful crafted packaging, nice manual, dvd from developers, shiiiiiiit, i could have gotten it cheaper with dd, but i gladly spent the cash to own it, i will play this game again in 2 years, then 4, then 6 like i do with all the classics, just got done with diablo 2 for like the 3rd or 4th time, baldurs gate 2 shadow of amn, shiiiit, love that game

\but for some lame ass throw away game like bulletstorm, brink, or similar, if i can pick it up for $10, why not

I am currently downloading rainbow six vegas 2, got it for $3.24 off steam just now, if steam ever goes under, (i hope they never do, i love them and their sexy sexy sales) I will not care about many of the 150 games i own on that platform as they were all cheap as hell and i got my use from them, that said, i love having 150 games at my fingertips, all in one place, that i can play from any computer in the world


Gamestop SUCKS

Motion2639d ago

Well, if Steam ever goes under, gaming is officially dead.

MidnytRain2639d ago

Lol, then what did we do before Steam?

AEtherbane2639d ago

We played with rocks and stones

Jack-H2640d ago

Not touching this one lol.

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